Kim Ho-joong records 230,000 copies of classic album pre-orders'Sales like a monster' [공식]
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Kim Ho-joong records 230,000 copies of classic album pre-orders’Sales like a monster’ [공식]

[스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] Singer Kim Ho-jung is still boasting monstrous sales even in the military period.

From the afternoon of the 24th, the pre-order of Hojoong Kim’s classic mini album’THE CLASSIC ALBUM’ began through various album sites.

Earlier, Kim Ho-joong’s classic mini-album surpassed 110,000 copies in one day after the pre-orders started, proving uncool popularity. Is properly showing.

As Kim Ho-joong, who has also set up a double platinum (over 500,000 copies) title with his first full album’My Family’, is raising expectations as to whether this classic mini-album can also raise high sales.

Hojoong Kim’s classic mini-album consists of a total of two types, including opera’Aria’ and Italian song’Canzone’, and plans to give fans a variety of Tvarotti tickets.

Hojoong Kim’s classic mini-album will be released on December 11th, and will be released as a sound source through various sound source sites at noon on the same day.

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