Kim Hee-jae x Lee Chan-won, breathing for 14 years → Lim Young-woong x Young-tak x Jang Min-ho, revealing hidden masterpieces (Sacoll)[전일야화]

Kim Hee-jae x Lee Chan-won, breathing for 14 years → Lim Young-woong x Young-tak x Jang Min-ho, revealing hidden masterpieces (Sacoll)[전일야화]

[엑스포츠뉴스 노수린 기자] After Kim Hee-jae and Lee Chan-won performed 14 years of breath, Lim Yeo-woong, Young-tak, and Jang Min-ho released hidden masterpieces.

The main characters of the national hit song, whose song is more famous than the name, appeared as guests in TV Chosun’s’I Sing the Requested Song-Call Center of Love’ broadcasted on the 26th.

The main characters were Kim Min-gyo of’The Last Game’, Yang Hye-seung of’Gorgeous Single’,’By chance’, Lee Beom-hak of’Lee Dae Pal’, Lim Joo-ri of’Licking Lipstick’, and Ju Byeong-seon of’Chlgapsan’ were the main characters. Min-gyo Kim, Beom-hak Lee, and Byeong-seon Ju were friends of the same age.

Lim Joo-ri, who has the hit song’Picking Lipstick Thick’, said, “There was a jinx that the next song after the big success could not be hit. After that, I started working in the cosmetics business, and I’ll tell you the story personally.” It made me guess at the inside.

Kim Seong-ju asked the singer Woo-yeon of’accidentally’, “Did you choose the stage name first or the song name first?” Wooyeon replied, “Aren’t I from a nightclub? The name of the nightclub’s activity was’Wonyeon.’

Hee-jae Kim and Chan-won Lee sang’Your Side’ to show off their 14-year friendship. Hee-jae Kim and Chan-won Lee focused the attention of viewers with a stable singing ability and a refreshing stage worthy of their age.

Kim Hee-jae and Lee Chan-won surprised everyone by recording 100 points for karaoke with perfect breath. Kim Hee-jae and Lee Chan-won did not forget the refreshing ceremony toward the camera.

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak and Jang Min-ho, formerly active singers who had lived a long unknown life, had time to introduce relatively unknown songs to viewers at the beginning of their debut.

The song Youngtak prepared was’I love you.’ Young-tak perfectly digested the lyrics with a heartfelt and moist feeling with an appealing voice. Lim Young-woong and Jang Min-ho took on the chorus and showed off their active loyalty.

Lim Young-woong prepared’Follow Follow’. It was a comfort song to sympathize with the difficult life of the people. As soon as the song came out, TOP6, as well as Minho Jang and Youngtak, shook their bodies to the rhythm.

Jang Min-ho’s famous song was’Man vs. Man.’ It was a song about impudent but desperate love. Jang Min-ho presented a highly immersive stage with a unique low-pitched voice. / Photo = TV Chosun broadcast screen

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