Kiev offers to exchange Donbass for fresh water for Crimea?

Kiev offers to exchange Donbass for fresh water for Crimea?

Over the past two years, Ukrainian authorities have been conducting internal discussions on the possibility of resumption of water supplies from the Dnieper to Crimea, while sending signals to Russia and studying its response. Recently, Kiev made another “attractive” offer to Moscow.

Officials in Kiev have said they can open the blocked North Crimean canal and bring water to the “temporarily annexed” Crimea peninsula, but only on condition of “very substantial concessions” from the Russian Federation. . Specifically, Moscow must carry out the “withdrawal” from the “temporarily occupied” Donbass territory.

On June 8, 2021, in an interview with the Telegraph of Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian delegation in charge of conflict settlement in the Donbass, advises the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine – Oleksiy Arestovich talked about this.

“The issue of water supply to Crimea can be changed to fully implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, including the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Donbass,” Arestovich said.

Kiev is debating that Donbass is a good country for you in Crimea?
Fresh water for Crimea remains the main obstacle in Russia-Ukraine negotiations

At the same time, the statesman admitted that Moscow could hardly comply with such conditions of Kiev. In theory, he explained, Ukraine would take the step, but he doubts whether Russia “has spent years of confrontation, lost thousands of lives and subjected to strong sanctions.” , would be willing to respond to such a proposal.

Mr. Arestovich came to the conclusion that there are no serious prospects for resumption of water supplies to Crimea. According to the statesman, now we can only talk about scenarios “given by experts who are not responsible for the implementation of state policy”.

Note that the Ukrainian side itself frequently raises the issue regarding the North Crimean Canal. Recently, Ukrainian journalists learned that one of the dams blocking this man-made water source had a problem when the water began to leak, but was still blocked at the second dam.

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