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Kia Sorento 2021 – Attractive at first sight

The modern design, attracting all eyes of the Kia Sorento 2021 has really impressed me from the first moment of meeting. And I did not hesitate to open my wallet within a note, in the right way of meeting the “first love” of my life.

2020 is a year of great success for the Kia Sorento 2021 when continuously being honored with prestigious awards. Typically in Germany, the hometown of luxury and legendary models, the Kia Sorento 2021 has received a series of prestigious awards such as “Golden Steering Wheel 2020” and “AWD Car of 2020. “(All-Wheel Drive Car of the Year 2020),” Car of the Year 2021 “(Car of the Year2021) voted by Carbuyer (UK) or most recently a 5-star safety certificate covered by Euro NCAP test and evaluation.

In Vietnam, Sorento 2021 also received great attention from car lovers. Just glance at the groups on Facebook, we will easily see posts sharing photos of cars received, compliments from the design, utilities, spacious interior space, safety features, systems. safe driving support and impressive performance from Smart Stream engine, 8-speed gearbox with 7 extremely impressive driving modes and AWD drive system.

At first glance, I quickly opened my wallet to own the Kia Sorento 2021

I myself am also the person who opens the wallet at first sight when deciding to own this car. After more than a month of driving, I still feel interesting emotions with the experiences that Kia Sorento 2021 brings. Before going to the points I tell, please share the version I chose is the Sorento Signature Diesel 2.2L, the 6-seat version.

We often refer to the engine as the heart of a car, Sorento has a very strong heart. Admittedly, Smart Stream 2.2L has an impressive range of power and torque.

Usually, people are only concerned with the power index or maximum torque and often forget about the range of power and effective torque at speed. Like this car, at any speed you can accelerate smoothly and smoothly. When running up to 100km / h (Smart, Eco or Comfort mode), the rpm is only about 1,500rpm, even up to 120km / h, only 1,900rpm. In Sport mode, the rewind is slightly higher because sport is a priority. However, in any mode, the engine is still very quiet, and especially very fuel efficient.

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If I go alone on the highway, I run comfortably, the fuel meter is only about 5.7-5.9l / 100km and goes for 4 people, with light luggage about 6.3-6.4 liters / 100km. In the city, depending on conditions will be from 7.5 to 8.2 liters … In general, with current fuel prices, pour 700 thousand freely so the economic value will be very high.

Even when I go to the gas station, I have to remind the staff that this is an oil motorcycle, because the engine is relatively quiet and the most important thing is that the car has a very luxurious and classy design, so no one thinks it is an oil machine. Another impressive point is that the smell of oil is not too much compared to competitors in the segment. The aluminum body on the new Smart Stream 2.2 engine is clearly the difference in reducing friction and bringing smoothness and high performance to the Sorento.

Complementing the engine block is a wet dual-clutch 8-speed gearbox. The main advantages of this series of gearboxes always help the Sorento accelerate quickly, feeling very smooth when you step on the accelerator. Only when slow motion less than 15km / h, you will feel a little bit stronger. This is understandable because oil engines often have large torque.

AWD drive structure such as adding wings to the engine and gearbox when the power is optimized on 4 wheels. It can be said that Koreans are quite intelligent when dividing the power to always give priority to the front wheel towards saving, smoothness and will close the bridge after needing and optimize according to each driving mode.

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To feel more clearly, you try to reverse the modes, make a big roundabout, absolutely safe, rounded, you will find Sorento rounded and not understeer as much as the rest of the front-wheel FWD. The Germans for hundreds of years have been inspired by creating a sense of excellent oversteer with drift mode, racing mode, the Japanese have always secured all problems by controlling under steer … Now, Koreans are optimal. two into one vehicle for balance in the price range. It can be seen that, over the past 10 years, Korean cars have made great progress.

One more impressive highlight on the Sorento that makes me very pleased is that there are 7 unique driving modes in the segment. In fact, after a while of driving, I can confirm 4 driving modes and 3 modes Soo 4.0 “be strong” in topography.

4 driving modes including: Comfort / Eco / Sport / Smart will operate according to the principle of front and rear axle power division Comfort type (variable capacity pushes rear axle maximum ~ 70/30%) Eco (~ 80/20 %) Sport (~ 50/50) and Smart, the vehicle automatically calculates Comfort + Eco + Sport mode depending on the accelerator pedal and road conditions.

Besides talking about 3 terrain modes, if Santa Fe uses the central differential lock to lock the front / rear axles in a 50/50 ratio, the 4.0 uses 3 Terrain. I rate Sorento over the current Santa Fe on this point. The reason for the lock is simply to press the lock. In the off-road modes, the ECU controls both engine power, gearshift, gear shift time, gearbox, and Traction Control.

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Experienced off-roaders will admit that running snow / mud / sand (snow, mud, sand) requires a variety of skills and practice. For example, running snow, engine power does not need to be too much, instead need to focus control on the distribution of traction on the four wheels and brake force control in Traction Control must be lower, and Sorento will glide on the ice. snow like bale. Similar to muddy and sandy roads, you just need to choose the right and enjoy it. You try to see the power through the rpm … the feeling will be very different.

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a fully-engineered Korean car like the Kia Sorento 2021. But, yet, the Sorento’s high-tech driver assistance features are even more impressive.

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The first feature is the brake assist function to avoid front collisions. Since I go to the street a lot, it is clear that the system is very responsive and accurate. No less than 3 times the car supports the brakes before my reflexes. It is important that the system works smoothly, which makes me very satisfied. In fact, I connect and hear a lot of feedback from the new Sorento owners, and they all share the same opinion.

Function Smart Cruise Control is a private name on Sorento or another popular name in the auto industry is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This function is super cool when activated even from 1km / h, which means if you go in the street, at any speed it can work, always follow the car in front and even stop automatically if the car in front stop. It also holds the brakes for a long time if the car in front is parked for a long time, when the front car moves, I just need to step on the accelerator or press the +/- key on the steering wheel to follow the target and perform the task very accurately.

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This shows the extremely high ACC technology, but of course, when in the street, the low speed is below 30km / h, you should use Auto Hold. When running on the highway, you take the ACC is great and safe. I run highways Hanoi – Quang Ninh or Hanoi – Ninh Binh … even the highway I always use because it brings safety and comfort when driving. When I set the desired speed, 100 or 120km / h, for example, the car will automatically move and if a vehicle in front cuts or slows down, the Sorento will stick and keep a safe distance. You can also change the spacing by levels 1, 2, 3, 4 depending on the operating conditions.

The high-speed steering assist feature (the steering wheel button on the right of the steering wheel) is a powerful assistant when it actively keeps the car in the middle of the lane. This function works at low speeds of 1km / h and above. In my experience, if the speed is below 100km / h, I will coordinate the steering assist function and the ACC. I have tested in light curves, the speed of 100km / h, the car supports smooth and smooth steering. Actually I am very surprised by the accuracy.

Kia Sorento 2021 - Attractive at first sight sorento-11-1200-40-24-09still008.jpg

If I run at a speed of 120km / h like the Hanoi – Quang Ninh expressway, I will coordinate ACC and Lane Keeping Assist. This mode works more passively than steering assistance, but since 120km / h is high speed I will always drive myself. If the wheel is too close to the line, the system will hit the steering wheel and bring the car back into the lane, avoiding an unfortunate collision. This system works from speeds of 62km / h or more.

Many of you have asked me why it is 62km / h, according to practical experience I explain as follows. When you turn on the steering assist to avoid lane deviation, if you encounter toll booths or exits, the speed will decrease to less than 60km / h as prescribed. Therefore, if the system is still on, the steering will take place and be troublesome for the driver. So, the 62km / h milestone is reasonable for both safety at high speeds and when going below 60km / h you don’t need to lose any extra action to turn it off.

In addition, there are a number of features to remind you to go if the car in front has moved and the feature to remind you to stop with a coffee cup icon indicating you have signs of fatigue is also very useful during use. . In general, to evaluate the advanced driver assistance features on the Sorento 2021 only need one word: Very good.

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I only regret a little when the Sorento does not have a tire warning, warning and brake assist when detecting a moving object behind and warning when opening the door, … And if there is another feature of kickback. it’s free of charge.

Until now, after more than a month of driving, I still have the same emotion as the first day of receiving the car. With Sorento, there will be many stories to share with you, but in the end this is a delicious product in its price range.

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