Keysight predicts technology trends in 2021 - VnReview

Keysight predicts technology trends in 2021 – VnReview

In 2020, the world will experience an unprecedented public health crisis, the pandemic coronavirus. This pandemic has affected all sectors of society, forcing businesses and governments to make adjustments to accelerate innovation.

Measurement technology firm Keysight Technologies has just made a comment about the changes in business activities and the technology trends that are happening under the impact of the pandemic.

Remote work is more and more widely accepted, especially in the field of technological innovation, creating a combination of remote and on-site working environments, and will continue even as the pandemic subsides.

● Technology businesses will accelerate the formation and management of innovation groups remotely.

● Direct collaboration will still be needed, but working time will be more carefully considered.

● Sales will shift to a mixed sales force (a combination of direct and online sales), using technology to reach customers and introduce products from afar.

Software will play an important role in digital conversion. The application of tools, digital processes and software-controlled solutions will change the speed of business innovation and business.

● Software is capable of improving productivity, efficiency, accuracy, security, and time to market through digital information gathering, helping businesses accelerate innovation. creation.

● Focus more on new software solutions for designing, measuring and validating, as well as analyzing and interpreting the results received, especially on repeatable tests that require automation , design simulation products with complex environments.

● Security will be taken care of right from the design step. Technologies used a lot are contactless, automation and self-healing networks.

● User experience will become increasingly important to product development. Personalization at every stage of the user journey creates increasing expectations for the design of the experience.

By 2021, 5G will continue to be a strategic task for businesses and governments

● 5G continues to receive strong global attention as it will help improve electrical, energy, and financial infrastructure.

● 5G is not only found in smartphones, but also used in industry and online medical services.

● 5G devices will become more diverse at different prices.

● New dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) technology and national spectrum policies will drive widespread 5G deployment.

Invest more in infrastructure that supports IoT and IIoT (Factory 4.0), including distributed cloud computing and hyperlinks: facilitating remote operation and management.

● Enterprises invest more in automation and use robotics and machine learning to manage infrastructure, using cloud computing for production line automation.

● New solutions to automate production, test and analyze all components in car manufacturing and other industries.

● Invest more in IIoT functions to meet the need for predictable, real-time control. IIoT will use multiple sensors and network infrastructure.

Although it is still early, investment in quantum computing will increase rapidly. By 2021, the quantum realm enters a period of solid research.

● Many qubit technologies are competing for development – superconductivity, ion trapping, silicon spin, as well as photonic applications.

● The field of quantum materials research will become more active by 2021 with government funding when they realize the benefits of quantum computers.

● More and more customers are using quantum computers in the cloud to run new algorithms. Many companies will join the offering of quantum computing, cloud computing services, or both by 2021.

Self-driving cars (AVs) will continue with development

● The network system on the vehicle will have to meet the increasing speed of the number of sensors used in the vehicle.

● Electric vehicle (EV) sales will increase but still only account for a small proportion (3%) of total car production. However, interest in electric vehicles will also increase as countries must meet increasingly stringent emissions standards.

● Investment in AV self-driving cars will be modest in the first half of 2021 but will increase in the second half of the year. Investment in this sector will increase even more strongly in Mainland China, with a pledge to phase out gasoline vehicles by 2035.

● The US will focus more on developing AV and EV by 2021 when the new government supports these technologies.


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