Key keyboard shortcuts to work faster

Key keyboard shortcuts to work faster

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What are the main keyboard shortcuts for working more quickly and efficiently on the computer? Below, check out a selection of the most important shortcuts from Gmail, Word and the main web browsers.

  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts

  • Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts

  • Keyboard shortcuts for browsers

  • Windows keyboard shortcuts

Gmail keyboard shortcuts

First of all, you need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. To do this, click on gear icon > View all configurations:

Now, scroll down the page until you find the Keyboard Shortcuts section and check the box Keyboard shortcuts enabled. That done, scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the button Save editions:

From this adjustment in the settings, you can use several keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity in Gmail. Check out:

Shift + C: open a new message

Ctrl + Enter: send Message

Ctrl + Shift + C: add recipients in copy

Ctrl + Shift + B: add recipients in blind copy

Ctrl + K: insert link

Ctrl + Shift + + (more or (minus): increase or decrease the font size, respectively

Ctrl + B: make selected text bold

Ctrl + I: put selected text in italics

Ctrl + U: underline selected text

Ctrl + 3: delete selected message

Chat: reply to open message

A key: Answer everyone

F key: forward message

Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + O: create document

Ctrl + W: close document

Ctrl + THE: Open tool

Ctrl + Ç: copy selected text

Ctrl + V: paste selected text

Ctrl + X: cut selected text

Ctrl + Z: undo the previous action

Ctrl + P: print document

Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow: select the entire paragraph above the insertion point

Ctrl + Shift + down arrow: select the entire paragraph below the insertion point

Ctrl + Shift + Home: select everything above the insertion point

Ctrl + Shift + End: select everything below the insertion point

Ctrl + N: make selected text bold

Ctrl + I: put selected text in italics

Ctrl + s: underline selected text

Shift + Enter: do line break

Ctrl + Enter: make page break

Keyboard shortcuts for browsers

Depending on the browser you use, some of the keyboard shortcuts listed below may not work or the features will be activated with another key combination. Check out the list below:

Ctrl + T: open a new tab

Ctrl + N: open a new window

Ctrl + Shift + N: open an incognito window

Ctrl + Shift + T: reopen newly closed tabs

Ctrl + Shift + B: show / hide the bookmarks bar

Ctrl + 1-8: select the browser tabs in order from left to right

Ctrl + W: close active tab

Ctrl + Tab: go to the next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab: go to the previous tab

Ctrl + P: print the current page

Ctrl and +: zoom in on the page

Ctrl and : zoom out of the page

Ctrl + D: save the open page to favorites

Ctrl + F: open search box

Ctrl + U: display the source code of the page

Ctrl and click link: open link in a new tab

space-bar: scroll down

F11: open the browser in full screen

F5: refresh the page

Windows keyboard shortcuts

For Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, click here. The list of system shortcuts presented is not exhaustive, but it highlights the most useful shortcuts that will help your work on the PC.

Photo: © Aryan Dhiman – Unsplash.

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