Simple Houseware Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Keep Your Bathroom Stocked With A Toilet Paper Holder

Whether or not we talk about it, everyone spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Everyone. Everyday. At some point. Does their business. According to a study shared by Huffington Post, the average American spends 30 minutes per day in the bathroom. That means your bathroom should be nice and by ‘be nice,’ we mean having a place to keep your toilet paper high, dry, and well-stocked.

When it comes to the business of number two, everyone has their number one preference. Maybe you like to scroll through your phone or catch up on your magazine reading. You could be someone who likes to listen to music or even watch TV if your bathroom is angled juuuuust right. Is the bathroom time your zen break where you meditate on the day? Whatever your bathroom preference, one thing everyone can agree on is that having toilet paper (and lots of it) nearby is a must.

According to American Standard, 50 percent more people fold their toilet paper than crumple it. More than half of those surveyed stand up to wipe, while 44 percent stayed seated. And about 63 percent of people read while on the toilet. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a toilet paper stand that works for your bathroom. What you do in that bathroom is up to you.


1. Simple Houseware Toilet Paper Holder Stand

Pulling double duty as a storage space and paper holder, the Simple Houseware Toilet Paper Holder Stand will keep extra rolls of toilet paper at the ready while also giving your current roll a place to call home. The Simple Housewares stand is made with an elegant chrome finish that will match the décor of any bathroom.

Pros: The holder section can hold three rolls of toilet paper in addition to the one roll on the dispenser.

Cons: The Simple Houseware has a sleek design that makes it easy to fit into tight spaces in a bathroom, but it can be a bit unsteady if not weighed down by toilet paper rolls.

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2. mDesign Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand

Smartphone users who take their phone into the bathroom with them (so…everyone who owns a smartphone) now have a place to rest their mobile while taking care of paperwork thanks to the mDesign Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand, which holds two extra rolls of toilet paper, includes a dispenser, and a place to set your smartphone.

Pros: The mDesign has a raised based to ensure that extra rolls of toilet paper are high off the floor and won’t get wet.

Cons: At 23 inches, the mDesign may not be as tall as some customers would prefer.

mDesign Freestanding Toilet Paper StandImage courtesy of Amazon


3. DecoBros Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Stand

Store extra rolls of toilet paper or keep yourself entertained with magazines, books, newspapers, tablets and more thanks to the large capacity of the DecoBros Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder Stand. Made from durable stainless steel, the toilet paper holder has a chrome finish and freestanding design that makes it easy to move.

Pros: The DecoBros has the largest capacity on our list with the ability to hold six rolls as well as one dispenser roll.

Cons: The DecoBros has the largest footprint of all the holders on our list and isn’t suitable for small bathrooms.

DecoBros Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder StandImage courtesy of Amazon

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