The new interactive article “East and West Army of Vehicles” finds out the considerations of riders when they are fighting against each other, and casts a sacred vote for their favorite cars. The car models in this evaluation are KAWASAKI ZX-6R and YAMAHA YZF-R6. After one week of voting, the five major riders selected 600c.c. imitation racing consideration points from more than one thousand responses, and this time The winner YAMAHA YZF-R6 also beat ZX-6R with an overwhelming 67.5% of votes. Let’s follow Moto7 to see how R6 has become the best choice in everyone’s mind!

The winner of the Eastern and Western Army Week 1 is YAMAHA YZF-R6.

Fifth place: riding position 34.4% (ZX-6R 30.4% vs YZF-R6 69.5%)

The low-lying handlebars, the high and backward pedals, and the combat-like riding posture created by imitation racing are one of the considerations for many riders to choose a 600c.c. imitation race, and in this project, they are born for the track The YAMAHA YZF-R6 naturally has an inherent advantage. It has won the KAWASAKI ZX-6R, which is more suitable for street and mountain riding, with more than twice the difference in votes, and easily won the riding position.

The combat-oriented riding position makes the R6 handy on the racing track.

Unlike the R6’s combat configuration, the ZX-6R’s riding posture is more suitable for road use.

Fourth place: Soundwave 35.9%(ZX-6R 24.1% vs YZF-R6 75.8%)

It is also equipped with a water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder engine, but YZF-R6 and ZX-6R show quite different tones due to the difference in the adjustment of the exhaust system; the ZX-6R can emit a bee at high speeds. The sound is high-pitched, and the YZF-R6 has a full exhaust sound from low speeds. The acceleration-like sound produced by aircraft engines also makes many riders’ pregnancy pregnant. The changing performance allowed YZF-R6 to win the sound choice by triple the votes.

Third place: Power data 36.4% (ZX-6R 65.4% vs YZF-R6 34.5%)

Engine power is the third most important factor for riders when they choose a 600c.c. middleweight sports car. At this time, the ZX-6R with more 37c.c. of exhaust gas has taken advantage of the YZF-R6. The maximum horsepower of 130 PS is 11.6 PS more than that of the R6. The maximum torque of 70.8Nm also exceeds the 61.7 Nm of the R6. The torque output of the ZX-6R engine is even smoother when the ZX-6R engine is turned at low speed. Throne.

The sweet spots of power are concentrated above 10,000 rpm, making YZF-R6 not only less power, but also more difficult to operate.

Second place: Brand 55.6% (ZX-6R 31.1% vs YZF-R6 68.9%)

For many years, he has cultivated the Taiwanese locomotive market. From the household name Cygnus-X to MT-09, Yamaha has deeply rooted the brand image of high quality and high standards. At the MotoGP arena, there are also star drivers such as Rossi, Lorenzo, Viñales, etc., Let YAMAHA YZF-R6 become a high-quality middleweight sports car with brand halo in the eyes of riders. Compared to KAWASAKI, although it has also won in WSBK events, compared to YAMAHA’s comprehensive halo, it is still far behind.

Star drivers have contributed significantly to the building of the brand image. The picture shows the active drivers Rossi and Viñales of the Yamaha factory team.

First place: appearance 85.9% (ZX-6R 26.3% vs YZF-R6 73.7%)

Derived from the R DNA shape of the Moto GP factory car YZR-M1, the R6 has an elegant and smooth front line with eyeliner-like daytime running lights, and the Ram-air air inlet in the middle shows a good air field, and the rear end is upturned. The empty rectifier design is stunning in both appearance and functionality; while the ZX-6R inherits the angular aerodynamic kit from the Ninja H2, and brings a visual impact with the huge Ram-air air intake. However, the overall shape is similar to the Ninja 400. Many riders believe that it lacks the sense of honor that a middleweight sports car should have, so the appearance project was won by the YZF-R6 without any doubt.

The front of the R6 is inherited from the YZR-M1, with daytime running lights inlaid on both sides of the Ram-air air intake.


The empty basket design at the rear has aerodynamic effects.