Kareo Billing review - useful tips for choosing electronics

Kareo Billing review – useful tips for choosing electronics

Kareo can trace its origins back to 2004, the year it was founded by Dan Rodrigues, a family doctor. Over the following years, his “Passionate about driving” philosophy led to significant growth, leveraging $ 120 million (£ 91 million) in funding, and now has 545 employees in five offices, serving approximately 50,000 suppliers. , and more than 30 awards have been collected along this route. Kareo also provides a platform for the growing field of telemedicine to allow remote visits via Internet streaming technology.

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At the heart of its service is Kareo Clinic, the digital platform designed to facilitate electronic mapping, prescription writing, code meetings and patient management. Kareo Engage is also offered to provide online marketing and SEO strategies. Overall, Kareo is designed for a smaller practice, not for businesses.

In addition, Kareo also offers another module, Kareo Billing. This platform automates the billing process so that clinicians get paid faster. With its comprehensive end-to-end claim tracking system, Kareo can reduce the days that invoices are posted to accounts receivable. It starts with Kareo’s ability to download patient demographics, supporting documents, and verify insurance eligibility. Intelligent controls are also integrated into the billing workflow to facilitate the processing of complaints.

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Another benefit is that Kareo Billing puts the data in the cloud. The software is downloaded to the user’s computer, and the data is downloaded to the Kareo server.

Emphasis is also placed on a global management of expenses. Kareo Billing provides all the tools necessary to capture and manage fees directly in Kareo so that they are not missed. Kareo is also ICD-10 compliant with built-in tools for correct codes to also improve billing and minimize re-submitted claims. A secure messaging system within Kareo is also included for secure communication between patients, providers, employees and billers when problems arise.

Intuitive billing analytics are built into Kareo Billing. This allows practice management to easily obtain a financial snapshot of invoices and collections to determine the financial health of the practice via reports. Kareo’s dashboard can then display this information simply and easily in an easily digestible format.


Kareo has a few drawbacks, starting with the fact that it is built on an older platform, which makes it vulnerable to downtime issues. There are also problems described on data transfers for clinicians looking to download data, and found the transfer speeds too slow and the data incomplete, resulting in missing information.

Other users point to poor customer service, with a lack of follow-up on the part of Kareo when submitting incident tickets. There are reports of the same problem bouncing between several departments with a lack of resolution. Still others complain that what sales tell them when they buy the service differs from what they feel when the service is acquired.

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During the initial period with Kareo, free integration is included to transition the desktop. Thereafter, and not surprisingly, beyond that, the options are narrowed, although they are still better than most.

Kareo offers a wide variety of support options. These start with online chat, which is available weekdays, Monday through Friday, between 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. PDT. There is also the possibility of sending an e-mail to the company, which in fact opens a portal to enter the problem encountered, which creates a help ticket. The last option is to call Kareo via a toll-free number, between the same hours listed above.

There is also a status blog that indicates whether the systems are operational or if there is a downtime event. Users can also subscribe to this page to get these operational updates.

Finally, there is the University of Kareo, accessible to all clients. This offers a wide variety of courses to cover the learning needs of staff, with instructor-led options and offerings at your own pace. In the end, the user will even receive Kareo certification.

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Kareo Billing, like other Kareo offerings, just isn’t coming up in their pricing structure for their services. Although we can certainly appreciate that each practice has unique needs, it would be better to have at least an idea of ​​the costs before contacting the company for the personalized quote.

With new research, we have gleaned that for physicians and optometric clients, costs range from $ 150 (£ 114) to $ 300 (£ 228) per month, depending on the number of modules chosen, with the billing module being the most expensive piece. Other non-MD clients, such as therapists, can purchase Kareo modules for less than $ 50 (£ 38) to $ 150 (£ 114) per month. After purchasing the first module, additional modules are added at 50% discount, but unfortunately, there is no reduction for additional suppliers. At least, there are no start-up fees, no cancellation fees, or fees for office staff to use the software.

Although the fixed cost of Kareo on a monthly basis is attractive to a busier practice, it may explain the lack of aggressive collections during the billing process. Some other competing services operate on a fixed percentage basis and are not paid until the money is collected, which makes the billing service more incentive to collect complaints than it charges.

There is no free trial, but there is an offer for a free demo.

Final verdict

Kareo Billing is one of the modules in the Kareo offer. Benefits include an affordable fixed cost, multiple support options, and flexible plans priced based on the number of modules chosen. Cons include poor customer service, opaque pricing, and downtime due to an old platform. While there is a lot to like here, Kareo’s overall service may not be worth the headache some users have encountered.

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