Kang Daniel,'Beauty getting better and better' after debut...  'The emerging power of boyfriend' [종합]
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Kang Daniel,’Beauty getting better and better’ after debut… ‘The emerging power of boyfriend’ [종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 김수현기자] Singer Kang Daniel shared his handsome status.

On the 27th, Kang Daniel posted a post saying, “My hair has grown tremendously!” and a photo.

In the photo, Kang Daniel’s black hooded t-shirt and her bangs naturally fell.

Kang Daniel, who created an innocent atmosphere with black hair and white skin, attracted the attention of fans with a luxury visual.

Kang Daniel, who made a comeback with his second mini-album’Magenta’ on August 3rd, announced a successful comeback by taking first place in’Show Music Center’ as soon as he presented his comeback stage.

‘Magenta’ is the second album in the color series following’CYAN’ released earlier, and contains the beginning and end of this summer.

This album, which contains a total of 6 songs including the title song’Who U Are’, showed that Daniel Kang participated in the writing of 5 songs, showing that he has grown more musically than before.

The title song’Wake up’ is a song that expresses the hot energy that will awaken emotions that he did not know with bold lyrics, and the bass drum, synthesizer, and vocal effects are in harmony, making Kang Daniel stand out more.

If you showed Kang Daniel’s cool and clear appearance through the last’CYAN’ album, this’Magenta’ album showed Kang Daniel’s hot energy like the color of’magenta’ like the red sun in summer. Expectations are gathering about what will be the next color of Daniel Kang, who shows a different appearance every time.

On the 16th, Kang Daniel ended his magenta activity and shared his feelings of activity, saying, “It was an experimental and learned album” through V live broadcast with fans.

In addition, Kang Daniel was awarded the’Stage of the Year’ at the ‘2020 SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS’.


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