Kang Daniel releases congratulatory video for'Pepsi Project'...
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Kang Daniel releases congratulatory video for’Pepsi Project’…

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Singer Kang Daniel released a video congratulating the launch of Pepsi’s’KHOUSE OF PEPSI’.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Starship Entertainment released a special video commemorating the launch of’KHOUSE OF PEPSI’ through official SNS and YouTube channels.

In the released special video, Kang Daniel, the representative GK POP partner with Pepsi 2020, appeared to celebrate the launch of’KHOUSE OF PEPSI’. In a retro mood, Kang Daniel caught the eye with a soft smile that fluttered women’s hearts while drinking Pepsi.

‘Pepsi X Starship Project’ is a project in which Pepsi and Starship work together, and K-pop artists of various genres announce new music according to each concept. Last year, artists with different musical colors such as VIXX RAVI, girlfriend Eunha, Ong Seongwoo, VIXX Hongbin, Monsta X Hyungwon, and Biwa Soyou gathered together to create a collaboration sound source of the highest level.

This year, starting with music source Zico and popular musician Kang Daniel, Bae Jin-young of CIX, a group loved by many for their unique concept, and rising star Kim Yo-han, will be selected as the second collaboration runners to show off a new musical charm. Music fans are paying attention to the meeting of two artists with both excellent performance and stable vocal skills.

Meanwhile, ‘2020 PEPSI X STARSHIP HERITAGE PROJECT’ presented by Bae Jin-young and Kim Yo-han will be announced on the 25th.


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