Kang Daniel, Park Gun's "senior" titled "Please make your speech easier" (Jungbeop) [종합]

Kang Daniel, Park Gun’s “senior” titled “Please make your speech easier” (Jungbeop) [종합]

[엑스포츠뉴스 나금주 기자] Kang Daniel and Park Gun succeeded in pioneering the title of’The Law of the Jungle’.

In the SBS’Pioneers of the Law of the Jungle,’ broadcast on the 20th, Kim Byeong-man, Jang Hyeok, SHINee Minho, Kang Daniel, Shin Seung-hwan, Choi Sung-min, and Park Gun went on to explore food.

On this day, following pioneers Jang Hyeok, Shin Seung-Hwan, and Choi Seong-min, SHINee Minho, Kang Daniel, and Park Gun took a boat and headed to the place where Kim Byung-man was. Park referred to Minho and Kang Daniel as’seniors’, and Minho and Kang Daniel were burdened by saying, “Be comfortable with your words.” When Park said, “It’s been a little over a year since I debuted,” Kang Daniel said that he would just call him brother.

The three soon met Kim Byung-man. Kim Byung-man was glad that he had met Kang Daniel for the first time since he saw it at the awards ceremony, and Kang Daniel said, “I have a seafood allergy, so I came with a sickle to eat it (from the ground).”

Satisfaction with the bottle went out to find a good space. Satisfied with the illness arriving at the first house on the map. As Jang Hyuk stepped forward, the members shouted “I have a spider web”, but Jang Hyuk went inside without worrying about it. Jang Hyuk said that the TV and phone were the same, and Minho was surprised by saying, “How do I stay the same?”

Jang Hyuk, who discovered the calendar, said, “It stopped in April 2009.” Jang Hyuk said, “There was a trace of tearing the calendar. It felt like it stopped at that time?” Minho found a newspaper in 1982 inside the chest. Some diplomas were 51 years old. Kim Byeong-man found a lighter necessary for survival. Kang Daniel said, “I brought flint.”

Afterwards, satisfaction with the bottle headed to the second house, and Kang Daniel said, “It’s like Lee’s house.” Jang Hyuk speculated, “It’s been a while since people have lived and gone.” The last remaining lodging candidate. As soon as I saw the bottle, I was satisfied that it was the cleanest. There was even a furnace in a clean condition with little housekeeping. Kim Byung-man said, “It is warm in the evening only if the fire is turned on now.”

Satisfaction with the sickness after finding a lodging began to survive. While Jang Hyeok and Minho made a fire in the furnace, Kim Byeong-man passed on Kang Daniel’s know-how to cut wood with a knife. Kang Daniel was surprised by Kim Byeong-man’s gesture and challenged to cut the tree, saying, “I will do my best.” Kang Daniel adapted quickly, and the members praised Kang Daniel.

Next, Park and Daniel Kang went on a food exploration. Kang Daniel said, “I dug Ma once. At my grandmother’s house.” Park discovered Maekmun-dong, and Kang Daniel took a bite. When Park asked “Doesn’t it taste like red beans,” Kang Daniel said, “It really tastes like red beans. It’s delicious.”

As Park continued to call him’Senior’, Kang Daniel told me to let go of the words, “Now let’s make it easier to speak. I haven’t heard of him as a senior.” When Park said, “It’s only been a year since I debuted,” Kang Daniel said, “I really don’t care about that.” So Park looked at the camera and declared, “Dear Daniel’s fans. Seniors are uncomfortable. I’ll call him Niel now.”

Jang Hyuk, Shin Seung-hwan, and Minho also joined forces to explore food. Jang Hyuk said, “Should we search this island to get food? I’m a little scared. What if I don’t have anything to eat?” Then Jang Hyuk found a persimmon tree. Minho said, “Hyuk-yi found the persimmon tree. It has persimmons, but the persimmons were so beautiful. I first knew if persimmons were so beautiful.”

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