Kang Daniel "Mother only likes'Kang Daniel on TV'" ('Ok Moon Ah')

Kang Daniel “Mother only likes’Kang Daniel on TV'” (‘Ok Moon Ah’)

[스포츠조선닷컴 김준석 기자] In’The Problem Son of the Rooftop Room’, Kang Daniel confesses an honest episode with his mother.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment program’Troublesome Sons of the Rooftop Room’, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 6 at 10:40 pm, is a quiz program where Yongman Kim, Eunyi Song, Sook Kim, Hyungdon Jung, and Kyunghoon Min solve common sense problems. It is expected to release the fatal charm of’center’.

On this day, Kang Daniel said, “My mother likes’Kang Daniel as an celebrity’ very much,” and said that his mother is a big fan of her own, but because of this, he confessed that there was a subtle regret and focused attention. He said in an episode, “I sit with my mother and watch TV, and while watching my appearance on TV, I’m right next to him, and he never looked at me.” In addition to this, “Usually, when I appear on the air, my acquaintances will say’Do you really do that?’ I asked questions, but my mother only responded to an advisor while watching TV, but in reality he didn’t ask me at all.”

In addition, Kang Daniel said, “My mother went to an exhibition with my photos and brought three large-sized photos” and revealed her mother’s’Dear Kang Daniel’. When she asked to remove the photos, her mother said, “‘ He said, “It’s cool, why?’ He revealed that “Mother thinks Kang Daniel as a son and Kang Daniel as a entertainer as completely different beings,” he made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel showed a special affection for his mother, saying, “Thanks to my mother, I was able to overcome the difficult trainee life well, and just talking to my mother once a week gave me healing and great strength.” The back door that it made me do it.

Kang Daniel’s behind-the-scenes story with the mother of’Son Steamed Fan’ will be released on KBS 2TV’Son of the Rooftop Room’ at 10:40 on the evening of Tuesday, April 6th.


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