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Kamen Rider Climax Fighters – Game Review

Battle system of Kamen Rider Climax Fighters It is also extremely easy to understand, easy to play and suitable for everyone to get used to, full of relaxation but also has a calculation section – especially when playing at Normal level or above. Although, in general, the characters have the same control method, but each character has different skills and forms of attack, as well as both the speed and the ability to produce long range attacks. At the same time, when being "knockdown" or being hit by a wall, the player takes a long time to get out of the situation, as well as the seeming force majeure in not being able to break the opponent's posture. when hit with a continuous blow.

The player can dodge the attack by pushing the left lever twice in the direction you want, but don't know if it is not sensitive or not, but usually the person who is writing the size is likely to be hit on below 80%, so it would be better to … hold on for sure! And in general, most tactics when fighting in Kamen Rider Climax Fighters is still to keep a safe distance, watch the right time to "spam" continuous attack on the opponent.

And to create more balance, Kamen Rider Climax Fighters provide "Hero Voltage" system to penalize players if taking advantage of the over-defensive. Somewhat if the player avoids fighting for too long, it will fall into the "Low Voltage" situation, at this time if he gets hit, he will receive greater damage than normal.

Conversely, if the player continues to attack, it will increase their attack and defense when being "High Voltage". This system is quite interesting and creates a certain balance in a game, but it is also quite unfair because players are "board" in the match 3 or 4 is normal, now The easier it is for players to lose because they have not hit anything yet.


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