Kaliningrad government reacts to NATO scenario 'first strike'

Kaliningrad government reacts to NATO scenario ‘first strike’

It should be recalled that a similar scenario was written in the Western press, with reference to a representative from CNA Analytical Organization (USA). The scenario has looked at the possibility of destroying military infrastructure in the area and existing weapons, including the Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system launchers.

CNA also said that the scenario of the attack also included damage to the ships and coastal infrastructure of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy, the NATO Air Force would destroy the air defense system of the region. Kaliningrad, including the S-400 Triumf complex.

In response to NATO provocations, the regional government’s press service in the extreme West of Russia called such scenarios “excellent”, adding that they were published and disseminated almost every second. days by all real experts, as well as others who call themselves experts. It should also be added that it is difficult to name these scenarios in different ways.

Kaliningrad Political Commissar defends NATO's `` broken heart ''
The NATO military alliance has recently repeatedly talked about the prospect of a “preemptive strike” against Kaliningrad

After receiving the above developments, the Russian press commented, the experts of the above-said US analytical organization, when announcing the scenario of a “preemptive attack” on Russia’s Kaliningrad region, they also noted “a threat to the Suwalki corridor”.

Again, this is part of the Polish-Lithuanian border, between the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and the territory of Belarus. In Poland and the Baltic countries, this border is almost constantly mentioned, and there is an opinion that Russia is cherishing a plan to close it “to prevent contact with the NATO backup forces in Poland and the Baltic countries “.

Previously military experts have commented on the NATO scenario, noting that CNA analysts seem to have forgotten the most important thing, that any attack on Russian territory would resulting in a tough reaction, including the ability to use nuclear weapons to bring down enemies.

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