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‘K-pop icon’ BTS V, hottest in India’Valentine’s sweetest gift’


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‘K-pop icon’ BTS V, hottest in India’Valentine’s sweetest gift’

Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) V appeared on the Indian media alone and proved unrivaled popularity in India as a’K-pop icon’.

On the 8th, Indian media LateLY celebrated Valentine’s Day with an article titled’V, the main character who fell in love with Valentine’s Day 2021: Strong and sexy Taehyung is the most precious candy of K-pop ARMY’. Together, we posted several photos of V.


Latestley reported that V redefines the meaning of love with the phrase’Look,’ and “V is the protagonist of the proposal day.” In addition, he said, “V is the ultimate unrequited love, makes himself special in all aspects such as lyrics, choreography, and fashion, and is loved by fans.”

The media released a pictorial photo of the upcoming BTS”Winter Package’, and revealed that V is enjoying the best popularity with unbearable cuteness and special charm. He said, “V’s fans are Valentine’s Day every day. If you’re not a fan of V yet, you won’t be able to leave this page without loving him.”


In addition, the media praised V’s loveliness, saying, “Isn’t it the cutest?” by posting’vcut’ uploaded by V and photos that were released on the official Naver Post of Big Hit Entertainment. Various photos that can see everything from natural’boyfriend photo’ to the appearance of V with a luxury beauty that surpasses the male figure, and sexyness attract attention.

Previously, V became a hot topic by ranking second with world-renowned actor Tom Cruise in the 2020 World’s Most Handsome Guys TOP 10 selected by’ScoopWhoop’, called the Indian version of BuzzFeed.


V is enjoying great popularity in India. ‘The Times of India’ and Indian TV news channel’CNN News18′ dealt with V’s new hair style, and another medium’IWMBuzz’ focused on V’s private clothes fashion and focused on reporting. .

Meanwhile, V was also named in ’20 K-Pop Artists’ and’Best K-Pop Male Solo Artists in Spotify in 2020′ by Rolling Stone India, an Indian music media.

V is recognized in many ways, not only for his star, such as his perfect appearance and style, but also for his musicality and performance, and has established himself as a’K-pop culture icon’ in India.

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