[K기자 추천]Afternoon playlist[rainy TUE]

[K기자 추천]Afternoon playlist[rainy TUE]

Youngwoong Lim, Epik High, Nogojiri If you need an umbrella on a rainy day, please listen.[스타뉴스 김수진 기자] It is recommended for those who need an umbrella on a rainy day and those who need something like an umbrella.

[K기자 추천]Afternoon playlist[rainy TUE]

◆Young Woong Lim=Title’Only Trust Me Now’ · Album Tomorrow is Mr. Trot’s winner special song · Released April 3, 2020 · Genre = Trot · Composition Cho Young-soo · Lyricist Kim Ina · Arrangement Cho Young-soo, Yoo-jin Lee.

This is the first song that Lim Young-woong released as a winner of TV Chosun’Mr. Trot’. Through this song, which is more like a ballad than a trot genre, Lim Young-woong once again proved that he was a trusted and listened singer regardless of genre.

When inclement rains / I’ll become the world’s biggest umbrella / You walk comfortably / If you get tired of walking / I’ll hold you and go anywhere / Only trust me now

Young-woong Lim, who has a neat treble, appealing voice, and perfect stage manners, comforted many who were tired of Corona 19 and brought comfort and joy. How fortunate it is to have a’umbrella’ named Lim Young-woong, a worldly man who has a lot of bad work.

[K기자 추천]Afternoon playlist[rainy TUE]

◆Nogojiri (Chulsu Han, Chulho Han, Seongsam Hong/ Source = Naver[지식백과] -Korean pop song album 11000) = Title’Teacup’ · Album 2nd album Nogojiri · Release November 10, 1979 · Genre rock, folk · Lyricist Kim Chang-wan · Composition Kim Chang-wan

Contains a scent that isn’t too dark / Somewhere on a dark brown table / It’s awkward to talk to me / You’re keeping it so quietly / When I touch you, my fingertips are warm / Your heat spreads all over my body / Silent affection flows to me (omitted)

It’s one poem. The personification of the tea cup and lyrical lyrics add calmness. It is a day that I miss the cold weather when it rains and the warmth from the teacup. It is a song that my mother likes, and it conveys warmth. Isn’t my mother like an umbrella? The umbrella of my life.

‘Teacup’ sung by Kim Chang-wan of Sanwoolim (Sanwoolim album, wait a little, released on May 5, 1980) is also recommended. The’teacup’ sung by Kim Chang-wan reminds me of cozy chamomile tea.

[K기자 추천]Afternoon playlist[rainy TUE]

◆Epik High (Tablo, Mithra, Two Cut) = Title’Umbrella’ (Feat. Younha) · Album Pieces, Part One · Released April 17, 2008 · Genre = Hip-hop · Composing Tablo· Lyricist Tablo, Mithra · Arranged tablo.

(Omitted) Rainwater accumulates on my ankles / tears that I held back in my eyes I cry / You are an umbrella on my head / A cold rainy night on my shoulders / Me by my side you became a habit / I will not be without you Okay, Alone in the rain / (omitted)

You’re an umbrella above my head / A cold rainy night on my shoulders / A half world without you by my side / You can’t be without me / Forever in the rain / (Abandoned umbrella) / (Abandoned umbrella) / (I need you back) ) / (Abandoned umbrella) / (Without you)

On a rainy day, without an umbrella? When you need something most in your life, what if you don’t have it? An umbrella could be a lover or a family. Of course, when the existence you thought existed does not exist, what good is it if you regret it? There is nothing in the world for granted. How about using Epik High’s’umbrella’ as a lesson and being wary of a sense of confidence (confidence without evidence)?

Reporter Kim Soo-jin skyaromy@mtstarnews.com

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