Juvenile prostitution The judge did not believe the accused's version

Juvenile prostitution The judge did not believe the accused’s version

The request to stop the proceedings of two men from Quebec, including a former high school teacher, who believed they had been trapped as part of a police operation aimed at revealing potential clients who are amateurs of juvenile prostitution, has been rejected. , Friday, and they were found guilty.

Judge Mario Tremblay did not consider that the police officers of the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) did not go too far when they placed advertisements of young girls who offered sexual services with the aim of trapping potential customers.

In February 2019, three ads offering the sexual services of young girls were placed on dating sites. The aim of the publication is to see if any potential customers will come forward.

Five arrests

In all, 167 people responded to the various advertisements placed over 2 days. Even though 45 people withdrew, Dave Hamel and Raphaël Beaumont (a former high school teacher) both showed up despite knowing that the alleged young girl, who was actually an undercover agent, had 16 years old.

In his written decision, Judge Mario Tremblay underlined that Beaumont’s testimony was “implausible” especially when he maintains that he does not “believe” that the interlocutor with whom he exchanges and whose photos he obtains is 16 years old. . “He’s just trying to deny the obvious. It is neither frank nor credible, ”noted the judge.

Hamel’s testimony is not credible for the magistrate either. “Usually he’s not sincere. It is impossible to grant the slightest reliability to his words, ”he said.

He therefore found the two men guilty of luring an underage person and of having contacted a person under the age of eighteen to purchase his sexual services.

Legal transaction

Regarding the operation carried out by the police with the aim of flushing out possible clients, the President of the Court held that the sites chosen to place the advertisements were retained because the SPVQ police officers had “reasonable suspicions that these sites were used by pimps or underage girls who offered sexual services in Quebec ”.

“The Tribunal therefore considers that the police were acting within the framework of a real investigation. The object of this was a specific place, their suspicions were reasonable, were objectively verified and turned out, ”the magistrate said.


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