``Justice League'' Lex Luthor's final plan, the storm wolf army is about to appear!

“Justice League” Lex Luthor’s final plan, the storm wolf army is about to appear!

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Hello everyone, today I will tell you about the Justice League story.

Although we already know that in the final episode of the DC event “Death Metal”, the Justice League’s failure is unavoidable, there is a fourth force in this dispute, he is Lex Luther and the violent wolf.

The Laughing Bat is extremely powerful. He has already called himself the “Dark Knight”, with a body comparable to Dr. Manhattan, and according to the setting of the screenwriter Scott Snyder, the power that Dr. Manhattan used to create life It is called the “power of connection”, and as long as you have enough power to connect, even a pig can create a multiverse.

The role of the storm wolf is the key to Lex Luther’s comeback, because he is the last Zanian.

Zanian’s blood is the strongest in the DC universe. Even Superman can’t compare with the abilities of the storm wolf. Although he is stronger in strength, the storm wolf is almost indestructible. He is in the DC universe. The most powerful mercenary, and his strongest ability is to use his blood to clone an army.

This means that violent wolves can resist a million army alone. The only problem with Zanians is that each of them is crazy and full of violence. All creatures of this race seem to be desperate for war.

In the story of the comic “Dark Multiverse Legend: Darkest Night”, the big event “Darkest Night” has a different ending in the dark multiverse. Senistor did not share the power of the white light with Hal. Jordan, leading to the defeat of the Justice League, all creatures in the entire universe joined the Black Lantern Legion.

In the ending, Senisto uses the “violent wolf” as the source of life, using his own power to restart the entire universe, eliminating all the power of the black lamp.

The price is that all life in the new universe has become Zanians, and the violent wolf has become the god of this universe, but just as the violent wolf wiped out all the Zanians, the characteristic of this race is to advocate Violence, war has been going on.

What is Luther’s plan?

In the story of the big event “Year of the Villains” in 2019, Lex Luther and the Destruction Corps began to draw the villains to join their camp around the world, but the Destruction Corps got the result of being imprisoned by the Destruction Goddess as an energy battery. The goddess took back the power that once belonged to her.

It can be said that Lex Luther should have become a top villain in the multiverse after the villain’s annual event, but compared with the laughing bat, his plan was still a little immature, so he was eventually abandoned by the goddess of destruction.

He was deprived of all his power and turned back into a mortal again, and when he appeared again, it was the end of the third issue of “Death Metal” comics.

To put it simply, he sent the violent wolves to find five boxes hidden in the multiverse, and among them is the key to them changing the entire multiverse, a special “metal” called death metal.

So what’s the secret of this metal in the box?

In December of this year, DC will release a comic titled “The Secret Origin of Death Metal”, which will tell the secret behind the entire event.

This crisis will continue until January next year. DC will release a large number of single issues, and even a multiverse created by laughing bats will appear. A cover proves that he will create a “mad dog world”, one by crazy A twisted universe composed of super pets.

The choice facing Lex Luther is very simple:

“Should I save the world myself, or choose to cooperate with the Justice League?”

In the November publication plan, the plot of “Justice League V4” will return to the main line again, and a story called “Doom Metal” ushered in the last two comics.

In the 56th issue of the “Justice League V4” comics, there will be a fusion of Batman and Martian Manhunter blackened Batman, just like the bunch of Batman that appeared in Death Metal before, they are pure cannon fodder , Only the King of Robin is the most important.

In the 57th comic, the Justice League will rescue the “Destruction Legion” trapped in the coffin, and Lex Luther will face a choice.

Of course, perhaps the destruction of the Legion is not important, because according to the screenwriter’s previous spoilers on the Internet, the Storm Wolf Legion will appear in an unprecedented way.

So someone speculated that Luther would use death metal to activate the blood of the violent wolf and create a powerful army of clones?

But the other way of thinking is quite the opposite, because Barbatos used Batman + five metals to complete a ritual before successfully opening up the path between the dark multiverse and the main universe.

So does it mean that Luther’s death metal will become the key to the Justice League’s journey to the dark multiverse?

The Justice League’s current plan is to use the ability of “Tank Luo” to sneak into the castle of laughing bats and use the portal there to travel to the dark multiverse.

The problem with this plan is that the laughing bat will definitely leave behind, so it is very dangerous to use his portal rashly, and the Justice League is not the first time that it has been pitted by the portal.


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