Sexual assault on his autistic son Eight years in the shade for a father

Justice 20 years later: prison for a sexual assailant

A father who repeatedly raped the babysitter of his children in the 90s was sentenced to six years in penitentiary, even if he instead called for house arrest on the pretext that he was a “good and generous man” .

“There is nothing exceptional about the personality of the accused. Sexual delinquency appears in all spheres of society and at all levels, both among the elite and among the most disadvantaged. There is no typical profile, ”Judge Alain Morand recalled without hesitation in condemning Alain Vézina this week at the Montmagny courthouse.

For a long time

Vézina, a resident of Quebec now 52, ​​was in his twenties when he attacked the babysitter, who was 14 at the start of the incident. From 1994 to 1998, he forced her to have about 20 sexual relations with him, in addition to making numerous touches when his wife was not looking.

“With the multiplication and gradation of acts of a sexual nature, she feels more and more lost, torn and ambiguous,” explains the magistrate. She is disturbed and does not know what to think, whether it is right or wrong. She feels tremendous pressure and is stuck in silence, on all sides. “

However, if she waited almost 20 years before denouncing the accused and the only proof was her version, which had some flaws due to the time that had elapsed, she was honest and sincere. So much so that Vézina, who denied any crime, was convicted of sexual assault.

And if the stress caused by the procedures had a “negative effect on his physical and psychological health”, Vézina did not manage to escape prison, even if his relatives showered him with compliments during the pleadings on the sentence. .

Suffering of the victim

It is because the victim, for his part, has suffered greatly from assaults all his life. In tears before the judge, she also held Vézina responsible for her misfortunes.

And since the courts are now focusing on the harms suffered by victims of sexual assault, as demanded by the Supreme Court last year, there was no question of giving a sweet sentence to the victim. aggressor who took the way to the cells.

In addition to the six years in penitentiary, Vézina will have to undergo a DNA sample. He will also be banned from owning weapons for 10 years.


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