Just one click immediately receive the game “Indie peak 2019” – Horace

Only 1 click immediately receive the game

Horace was developed by Paul Helman and Sean Scapelhorn. Released on July 18, 2019, but with graphics and colors that are extremely nostalgic when using 8-bit pixel graphics. Then this game received a lot of compliments from the gamers and received the title of “Game Indie of 2019”.

Only 1 click immediately receive the game

This game revolves around the adventure of finding a lost family of a robot named Rorace. In that journey you will encounter countless difficulties and challenges to free yourself and save humanity.

Coming to Horace, you will experience a long story about 15 hours with many content, mini games, different perspectives with Retro style. This has created the attraction without being boring Horace.

Only 1 click immediately receive the game

Basic configuration to play

Windows 7 and above

Intel i5 CPU


DirectX Version 12

Storage 12 GB available space

The game will be free until January 23 on Epic Games. To receive the game please visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/horace/home

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