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Just canceled Prime subscription, this guy was scolded by Alexa as "head of the land" when asking to open music

Michael Slade, who lived in Wales, was shocked when he was scolded by the virtual assistant Alexa as "head of the land" after he asked this virtual assistant to play music and be more interesting just before, he had just canceled the Amazon subscription. Prime – a paid service of Amazon which includes many benefits from fast delivery, free delivery to music copyright on Amazon Music (Prime Music).

Michael is using an Echo Dot speaker with integrated Alexa. He said that after going home and asking the virtual assistant to open some music, he got the answer: "Well, this is a" land map "playlist on your Amazon music. Sorry something went wrong." . (You come in This link to watch the video)

It is worth noting that Michael had just recently canceled Amazon Prime subscription and had a conversation with Amazon staff at the customer support center and today he was scolded by "Alexi". Amazon support staff said they had never seen the same thing before, and Michael said he never had playlist settings on Amazon Music so he didn't understand why Alexa answered "playlist first."

After contacting Amazon, Michael was given a gift card worth 5 pounds (~ 150 thousand VND) as compensation for being sworn by Alexa.

Michael added: "The technical team can't believe this. They kept apologizing to me but they didn't know what happened. I often asked Alexa to play music and never created a playlist. When I asked, Alexa should have answered 'here are some things you might like' and it would be normal for it to play some pop songs or music according to tastes. " … "It's strange because everything works normally and it still calls me Mike," Michael added.

He thought that the five tables were too little after being scolded as a landlord. All he wants is to cancel Prime subscription because he does not use and suspect that someone has registered Prime by his account.

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Michael's case is also suspicious because he can completely set Alexa to swear or make obscene comments. But Michael said: "I swear I did nothing, including my housemates."

After The Sun asked Amazon about Michael's case, Amazon donated a free Prime year and a gift card worth £ 250 (~ 7.4 million). Amazon also asked Michael to access the Alexa log file to find out what happened. An Amazon representative said: "Users can personalize the Alexa usage experience, including naming the playlist. Alexa will not respond in this way if not customized by the user."


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