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Just a ‘cave’ for support, will there ever be a day when Master Ba turns a dragon to ‘carry the team’?


Currently, Master Ba is still just a genuine ‘cave’ of Team SBTC with the main task of blocking and supporting.

As the soul as well as the eldest brother of Team SBTC, Mr. Ba is always a solid support for the brothers in the team. However, contrary to real-life image, Master Ba in series “Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan“Is… a very useless person.

Actually useless here is not not being able to care for the juniors, but being useless here means being weak and not having much effect in monster farming. In all situations, he just stood on the front lines to block the attack and waited for the juniors behind him to deal damage. Actually, from chapter 3, everyone already knows that Master Ba possesses excellent stats. However, ironically, his damage ability was ‘pranked’ by the system and turned him into a tank and support for the team.

Just a 'cave' for support, will there ever be a day when Master Ba turns a dragon to 'carry the team'?
Right in chapter 3, everyone knows that Master Ba possesses excellent stats

With the ability to only block attacks, it can be said that Master Ba also has little effect when farming soldiers. But honestly, people expect that he will shine and ‘carry the team’ more literally in the future, as well as Game nerd. Then what skills will you need to be stronger in “Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan“?

In popular manga, it is common for the protagonist to encounter many obstacles to achieve the desired success or to ‘return home’. However, before doing this, they always have to deal with bosses or obstacles that exceed their capabilities. But just the strength of strong belief in themselves, friends or relatives, they suddenly … miraculously surpassed their opponents.

Just a 'cave' for support, will there ever be a day when Master Ba turns a dragon to 'carry the team'?

As for Master Ba, perhaps the strength of his belief is also within the SSS. During the livestreams, everyone knows that he also has a lot of games that could not be better. Even so, he always fought hard with the belief of winning, and many matches have turned the game successfully. If the author is inspired by real-life characters, then perhaps this will be an interesting element that they will apply in the story.

Or for example, in chapter 4, after passing the first stage, they were transferred to Tan Thu. Usually, this area would allow players to trade with NPCs to receive or return quests. Or even buy new buffs, equipment or skills to improve strength. Maybe Master Ba could find a weapon or ‘manipulating’ skill to escape the painful ‘cave’ life in his journey to explore the virtual world.

Just a 'cave' for support, will there ever be a day when Master Ba turns a dragon to 'carry the team'?
Fighting forever but the monster still does not die, Master Ba is as weak as a slug compared to other members in the SBTC

Or maybe it will be the most manual way, that is, he will have to practice plowing to improve his strength. Because hard work is always the way that people use to increase strength when facing obstacles, both in real life and in the story.

Will Mr. Ba in the future become the true big brother of the team when carrying the team or still just a ‘clown’ in the team? The above things are still conjectures so maybe people will need to wait for the next 3 chapters, which will be revealed on July 6, 8. As expected, these 3 chapters will premiere on February 13 (ie, the second day of Tet).

What awaits Team Thay Ba in chapters 4 and 5?

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