Just $ 15.20 in 2020 to become a one-year member of Fitterclub

This is one thing that says, “This year, I will get the shape,” and another one actually does. Because, really, what is the action plan? Go to Gym? It takes time and money. Eat less? This is great in principle, but difficult to implement. Okay, so how about joining a virtual gym and hiring a virtual nutritionist? This way, you can exercise at home, follow your schedule, and get a meal plan that suits your goals and requirements.

In short, that’s the Fit Club. For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a one-year FitterClub membership for $ 15.20 with a promotional code of CHEAP20. Regular price: $ 119.99 .. (Please note that once you redeem your membership code, all sales are final.)

This service takes a two-pronged approach to your health and fitness: weekly exercise programs (including 30-minute exercise videos) and personalized meal plans. After filling out a basic questionnaire about your statistics, goals, preferred foods, etc., you will land on a portal where you can access exercise, meals (including recipes) and some nutrition articles.

The Fit Club Portal gives you easy access to your weekly workouts and meals, all of which are tailored to your requirements and goals.

It’s all very simple and straightforward, making it a good choice for anyone who is new to this type of thing. However, there are some things that need attention.

First, there is no way to see your diet plan, except for its online form, which is a grid, or, if you use a mobile browser, a list. You can’t print out a quick glance reference to your weekly meal or generate a grocery list. When it comes to mobile, FitterClub doesn’t offer any apps; everything is done through the browser.

It’s not difficult for me to access or play fitness videos on my phone, but I do want FitterClub to provide some means to watch them on TV, such as the Roku channel, or even just access them through YouTube. Unless you want to, for example, plug your laptop into your TV, you either exercise in front of the computer or live on the small screen provided by your phone or tablet.

But these are small obstacles, let us remember: $ 15. A whole year. I think this is a great choice for anyone who is a health and fitness novice and who needs help to get started, disciplined with weekly exercise and meal plans.

your thoughts?

Although our theme is health, Amazon currently has a number of magazines on sale-including $ 6 for men’s health (one year, 10 issues) and $ 6 for women’s health (one year, 10 issues). These are for the print edition, which means an honest-to-kind paper good will reach your mailbox, but you can also get the Kindle version for the same price. (Please note that if you go to print, they will be updated automatically after one year, unless you cancel.)

I have been a male health reader for years, maybe even decades. Although it tends to become quite repetitive over time, I like it because it stays healthy and healthy. Also, I almost always learn something new, sometimes a lot, on every question.

At this price, each issue actually costs you 60 cents. My opinion: 100% worth it.

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