Me Sophie Gagnon, General Manager of Juripop.  Photo: Juripop.


Me Sophie Gagnon, General Manager of Juripop. Photo: Juripop.

As has been the case for several years, dozens of organizations, institutions and tribunals come together to provide an accessible experience throughout the month of February. Juripop is participating in it.

Due to the pandemic, all the activities offered by the organization will be done virtually or by telephone.

Usually, throughout the month of February, hundreds of free legal consultations are held in the Montreal metro. Organizations open their doors to the public and a day of reflection on access to justice is held.

“The pandemic has changed the lives of Quebeckers: people are losing their jobs, parents do not agree on the application of health measures to their children, families are losing their grandparents. All of these situations raise legal questions. ” said Me Sophie Gagnon, Managing Director of Juripop.

Several events are offered by Juripop as a workshop on divorce, on sexual violence and even on environmental law. The public will also be able to obtain information on the best way to write a formal notice or on alternatives to courts in family matters.

Wills, unemployment insurance, right to housing… several themes will be discussed during various meetings.

A closing conference will also be held on February 25, for notaries, lawyers and professors on the theme “Domestic violence and family law: better understanding to better act.” “