"Jungkook Jackson made by K-pop"...  Jungkook'attention' to the popularity of BTS'Dynamite'

“Jungkook Jackson made by K-pop”… Jungkook’attention’ to the popularity of BTS’Dynamite’

[TV리포트=이윤희 기자] The global popularity of Jungkook of the group BTS is attracting attention.

American media’All-K-Pop’ is said to be attracting a lot of attention from fans with the nickname’Jungkook Jackson’ as the music video was released after BTS Jungkook released the new song’Dynamite’ (dynamite). Reported.

In particular, after the release of the new song, it is reported that it has recorded the highest worldwide trend among members.In fact,’JUNGKOOK’ is a trend and global popularity, following’#DynamiteToday’ and second place’#BTSDynamite’ in the world-wide trend of’Twitter’. I realized it.

In addition, the media praised his popularity, saying, “Jungkook broke another global record in TikTok,” and said, “It has become the most viewed hashtag person in the history of TikTok, and his popularity is increasing rapidly since the release of’Dynamite’.

Fans around the world are paying attention to’Jungkook, the leading role of K-pop’ by revealing their curiosity about Jungkook through comments. In particular, the media analyzed the part that said’Jungkook made locals into K-pop fans’ in Yahoo News, and evaluated Jungkook’s strong power.

Previously, Jungkook performed a live broadcast with the title of’BTS Comeback Special:’L’,’Eve’Hae’ in’V Live’, and Jungkook showed off her charismatic eyes and choreographed Michael Jackson as’Jungkook Jackson’. It has become a hot topic.

Meanwhile, the music video for BTS”Dynamite’ is breaking new records, surpassing 200 million views in 4 days after being released. It is a record shorter than the previous record of 200 million views,’Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’ (11 days, 19 hours and 42 minutes), by more than a week.

At the time of release, BTS”Dynamite’ music video exceeded 3 million simultaneous users, reaching the record for the highest number of YouTube premier music videos ever viewed.

‘Dynamite’ is a song that contains the heart of BTS who wants to energize everyone in difficult times with Corona 19.

BTS will unveil the first stage of’Dynamite’ at the world’s most prestigious ‘2020 MTV Video Music Awards’ at 9 am on the 31st.

Reporter Yoonhee Lee yuni@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = TV Report DB

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