Juan Guaido is no longer supported by the EU

Juan Guaido is no longer supported by the EU

After the meeting in Brussels on January 25, the Council of Europe rejected the previous statement as interim president of Juan Guaido, who was former President of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

Mr. Juan Guaido did not suffer from cancer in the EU
Juan Guaido is no longer the Chairman of the National Assembly of Venezuela. Photo: Reuters

RT reported that after the meeting, the Council of Europe expressed “regret” that, in the legislative election of Venezuela on December 6, 2020, Mr. Guaido was no longer the President of the National Assembly. this.

The statement calls Juan Guaido “the privileged person to talk” but is no longer the interim president as before.

Nonetheless, the Council of Europe condemns the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro on the grounds of not helping to end Venezuela’s “deep political crisis” after his reelection in 2018.

27 EU countries announced on January 6 that they may not consider Mr. Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president after he lost his election in the election of the National Assembly in Venezuela in December 2020. .

Mr. Guaido has accused the 2018 Venezuelan elections of fraud and proclaimed himself interim president in opposition to the administration of President Nicolas Maduro. The US and UK still recognize Mr. Guaido as leader of Venezuela. At that time, the US administration led by President Donald Trump acknowledged Guaido as the country’s interim President. Mr. Juan Guaido was also honored to read President Trump’s federal message.

Becoming interim president gives Mr Guaido access to Venezuelan government assets in Western countries and meeting other national leaders who support Maduro’s anti-government movement.

So far, though, the West’s support for Mr. Guaido has also declined.

“The EU emphasizes the freedom and safety of opposition politicians, including representatives of opposition parties in the 2015 Venezuelan parliament, especially Juan Guaido. The EU considers them to be important actors and who are given priority in dialogue, ”said the joint EU statement.

The Venezuelan parliament in 2015 was controlled by the opposition, while the newly elected parliament in 2020 fell to allies of President Nicolas Maduro.

In contrast, the administration of the new US President Joe Biden continued to support Mr. Guaido as the leader of the opposition in this South American country.

Biden’s candidate Anthony Blinken said the US would continue to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela. President Biden will seek to “target more effectively” with sanctions against the country, aimed at toppling President Nicolas Maduro. Blinken said the new administration would consider providing more humanitarian assistance to Venezuela.

“We need an effective policy that can restore democracy to Venezuela, starting with free and fair elections,” Blinken said.

This South American country is facing a major crisis due to hyperinflation and massive influx of migrants, leading to power outages and food shortages.

On January 25, the EU described the situation as a “desperate humanitarian emergency”.

In the latest statements, President Maduro signaled his readiness to resume cooperation with the new administration in America. The President of Venezuela stressed that he expected a “turn-over” in the relationship between the two countries.

“We are ready to take a new path in our relationship with the Joe Biden government based on mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding” – Mr. Maduro stated.

Analysts believe the Biden administration will take a more dovish stance towards Venezuela and will support international reconciliation for the transition to the new government.

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