Journalist slapped his colleague 'burning face' on the live broadcast

Journalist slapped his colleague 'burning face' on the live broadcast

The public was shocked to see two Brazilian and US journalists arguing in a live broadcast before brawling into each other.

The shocking incident occurred during a live broadcast on YouTube and radio in Brazil on 7/11.

In a video of the incident spreading rapidly on social networks, Augusto Nunes, a conservative Brazilian commenter, accused American journalist Glenn Greenwald as well as his gay partner David Miranda of no care. thoughtful two adopted Brazilian people. Mr. Miranda is currently a politician representing the state of Rio de Janeiro in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.

"Who will take care of the children?" Mr. Nunes asked. Mr. Greenwald responded by repeatedly calling Mr. Nunes a coward until the Brazilian journalist raged, punching him in the face. However, the punch missed by Mr. Greenwald was blocked in time.

The two journalists then stood up and this time Mr. Nunes gave Mr. Greenwald a slap on the face. People nearby stood in a hurry to stop the two journalists from losing their temper.

But Mr. Greenwald, who is famous for his writings on Washington government surveillance programs based on leaked documents of "US traitor" Edward Snowden, still tries to "eat and pay." pieces ".

Mr. Greenwald, one of the three co-founders of The Intercept, has long been opposed to Brazil's right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro. That led some Brazilian politicians to call for his deportation. According to the Washington Post, Mr. Greenwald now lives in Rio de Janeiro in a house always guarded by armed soldiers.

Immediately on November 7, Mr. Greenwald posted on Twitter explaining how the incident in the live broadcast showed how the rightist party in Brazil "yearns for violence instead of politics and debate". He also accused Mr Nunes's behavior of being "fascist".

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