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Jordan announced the acquisition of all land leased to Israel

King Jordan Abdullah II. Photo: EPA / VNA

Speaking to the new Cabinet, King Abdullah II said Jordan would end "the annexation of the two areas of Ghumar and Al-Baqoura, in the peace treaty and apply full sovereignty over every inch of land there". .

Israel, which has controlled the lands for more than 70 years, has been allowed to lease these areas under a peace agreement signed in 1994.

But due to the cold bilateral relationship, King Abdullah earlier this year announced the end of the lease. The above land, which is about 405 hectares of agricultural land, lies south of the Israeli border with Jordan and a small piece of land called the "Land of Peace" near the Sea of ​​Galille. This is a crowded tourist destination in Northern Israel. Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu has said he wants to renegotiate with Jordan to extend the lease.

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