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Jony Ive left Apple as if Apple were dead? No, but also the opposite

There are two lines of ideas appearing on the occasion of Jony Ive parting with Apple after more than 30 years working as a design team leader, from industrial design, software to Apple Store stores. The first thread suggests that Apple will lose its substance, not the same. The second line is that Apple will have a chance to embrace the new wind, change the current designs in a completely different direction and bring the newcomers' sound, but not in the Jony Ive style anymore. I agree with the second flow more.

Each designer will have a style of his own, whether fashion design, furniture, architecture or industrial equipment such as iPhone, iPad. Jony Ive is no different, if you look at the current Apple items you will see a certain similarity between them: the degree of angularity, the perfection of the quality, the curved or straight lines … Even rabbit ears design can be considered a "signature" of the iPhone at the present time. And all are approved by Jony Ive.

But with Jony Ive's successor, now Jeff Williams – COO of Apple and also the leader of the Apple Watch array, he may have a different mindset, maybe he won't accept rabbit ears. ? Under Jeff will be Evans Hankey, vice president of industrial design, and Alan Dye, vice president of user interface design, these two will of course also have a different design style than Ive. We can expect that Apple products will gradually change in a new direction.

This is not the first time Apple has changed its design drastically. In 2013, Apple launched iOS 7, this is also the first iOS version that Ive directly embarked on software design. iOS 7 is different from previous iOS 6 in terms of style, how to use colors, icon layout as well as the space used in the app. iOS 7 is also the foundation for later iOS versions and now after 6 years we still see its definition.

Do not forget the previous changes when Apple has a change in senior personnel in the design, especially during the period of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive together to revive Apple after a long period of ineffective business. fruit with not good products.

Over here, you can see that design is an extremely personal one, and it has the influence of the leader of the company's design efforts. Jony Ive has brought her style to iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iOS, Apple Watch … This is very respectful, and they continue to be excellent designs on the market, but parallel that Jony Ive also instructs his colleagues or subordinates on how he makes these products become popular.

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When they replace Ive at this time, they will continue to bring their own personalities and styles into Apple products. This is a good chance for Apple to get out of the influence of Ive, who has been sitting there for 30 years, and what would Evans and Alan's new styles be better than Ive's? Jony Ive is very good, but does not mean that everything he does is true, and his departure will create an opportunity for the "young class" to express himself.

Maybe in the next 1-2 years we will not see big changes in design because big companies often plan long-term product development. That is the iPhone this year and it is possible that the iPhone next year will probably not have many changes, but from 2020 onwards will be different. You can expect Apple to continue to keep the minimalist style, but the lines will be different, both in iOS, macOS and hardware that Apple has in business.

30 years is a long way, and Jony Ive has done a good job. Now it's time for him to take a step back for new people, the new breeze has the opportunity to change Apple again, strongly. And this is a unique opportunity to help Apple become stronger in the increasingly competitive market.

Duy Luân

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