Joe Biden: Impeachment 'must happen'

Joe Biden: Impeachment ‘must happen’

On January 25, Mr. Joe Biden said that the Senate impeachment hearing against former President Donald Trump “must happen”, although Mr. Biden has previously expressed opposition to this issue, as well as regularly brought out the message of “unity” in America.

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In a short interview with CNN on January 25, Mr. Biden made the most detailed comments regarding the impeachment trial since taking office.

Despite acknowledging the potential negative impact of a court hearing on his agenda and Cabinet candidates, Mr. Biden still said that “If the trial doesn’t happen then the impact will get worse.”

Mr Biden has previously contradicted his views on the trial, implying he opposed it, but said he would let Congress decide.

Five days earlier, Mr. Biden gave his inaugural address and emphasized the theme of “solidarity”, referring to the word no less than eight times. However, despite knowing that the Senate is incapable of condemning a former President, and despite repeatedly saying that Congress must give priority to discussing Wuhan flu relief, Mr. Biden actively encourages to encourage the punishment of a predecessor who was no longer in office.

Many Republican senators have argued openly that the Senate has no authority to judge a former President.

TNS Rand Paul said: “I oppose this unconstitutional ridiculous action of an “impeachment” trial and I will try to put a vote on whether the Senate can hold a trial of an ordinary citizen. . “ He also added that “Republicans should refuse any process involving a Democrat in the chair instead of a Chief Justice.”

TNS Tom Cotton also said that an impeachment trial in the Senate against an ordinary citizen is beyond the jurisdiction of the Constitution.

The House impeachment executives brought impeachment terms against Trump to the Senate on the evening of January 25, formally triggering the second impeachment trial of the former President. Mr. Trump becomes the first President to be impeached twice.

Judge John Roberts will not preside over the proceedings as he did in Trump’s first impeachment trial. Instead, Senator Patrick Leahy is expected to preside over. Mr. Leahy is currently the interim chairman of the Senate and the longest serving Democrat here.

The Constitution states that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will chair when the person on trial is the current President of the United States, but if other circumstances arise, a Senator can preside, according to Newsmax.

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