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Jinke Culture won the version number again, and the field of casual games continued to expand

During the epidemic, online entertainment, represented by games, surged, spawning the “house economy”, and at the same time meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the public, and becoming an important substitute for offline socialization. Benefiting from the parent-child effect during the house, Jinke Culture’s “Talking Tom Cat Family” series of mobile games has achieved high growth from product flow to active users, highlighting the “Tom Cat” IP in its audience. Far-reaching influence.

The “Talking Tom Cat Family” products are all on the line. In addition to the special situation bonus, the long-term and continuous investment of “Tom Cat” IP by the “King of Everyone” Jinke Culture behind them is inseparable. Using Tomcat IP as a carrier, Jinke Culture has built a Tomcat family ecosystem through diversified businesses such as gaming, film and television, and derivative product licensing, and has drawn a perfect stop for the entire 2019. At the same time, “My Tom Cat 2” recently raised the version number, which will also continue to promote Jinke Culture’s deep cultivation in the field of casual games, helping the company complete a new wave of business expansion in 2020.

Great achievements, resolute transformation and shine

Taking the wholly-owned acquisition of Internet companies such as Tomcat series developer Outfit7 as a starting point, Jinke Culture has completed the transformation from a traditional chemical enterprise and launched an in-depth layout in the global mobile Internet cultural industry system. Looking back on the past year, Jinke Culture adheres to this concept and firmly transforms, with a complete IP ecology to shine in the game industry.

Outfit 7, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinke Culture, won the fifth place in the Q2 2019 global game developer downloads, and its “Talking Tom Cat Family” IP has more than 12 billion downloads worldwide and more than 370 million monthly active users , Once again demonstrated the strong position of this world-class IP after ten years of hardening.

On the other hand, with the strong appeal of the “Talking Tom Cat Family”, Jinke Culture successfully became one of the main legions of China’s online game industry, and won the “Popular IP Game Award of the Year” More than ten awards in the game industry such as “Best Casual Game of the Year” have been highly recognized by the industry, reflecting Jinke Culture’s leading overall overall strength in the game industry.

Hi version number, deepen the layout of casual games

The glory and achievements achieved in 2019 underscores Jinke Culture’s determination to focus on building an IP ecosystem with refined thinking, and has won Jinke Culture a key seat in the gaming industry. In 2020, Jinke Culture is poised to take off, starting with “My Tom Cat 2” and starting a new journey.

In March of this year, Outfit7, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinke Culture, successfully won the version number approved by the relevant state department for its excellent work “My Tom Cat 2”, and will soon meet with the majority of domestic players. As an upgrade to the classic IP of the “Talking Tom Cat Family”, “My Tom Cat 2” has been completely repackaged with a developed gameplay, which not only reshapes the image of the Q Meng character in the game, but also adds a variety of interesting Interactive mode and rich puzzle games allow players to fully experience the fun of interacting with Meng Chong.

Whether it’s loyal to the characteristics of IP or a new gameplay, “My Tom Cat 2” has completed a new expansion of the Tom Cat family. Therefore, “My Tom Cat 2” has already won the first prize in the overseas market, and has gained super popularity. The data shows that the work has more than 600 million downloads worldwide and has over 70 million monthly users, making it the choice of 2019 overseas popular games.

“My Tom Cat 2” officially got the version number and entered the domestic market, which further strengthened the influence of the Tom Cat family in the country. At the same time, based on its strong coverage of all ages in the country, it will undoubtedly continue to promote Jinke culture. The layout in the field of casual games strengthens its leading position in this field.

Based on the IP ecology, high quality casts the future

From the frequent achievements in 2019 to the start of “My Tom Cat 2” in 2020, the layout of the casual game field is strengthened, which reflects that Jinke Culture has firmly followed the general trend of mobile Internet development since its transformation and transformation. The Talking Tom Cat IP ecosystem, with both online and offline grasps, is determined to develop the business map of the Tom Cat family with a sense of quality. At the same time, these series of practices and measures will also create a better future for Jinke Culture and contribute to the development and construction of the game industry.


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