Jigsaw - The strong forgotten game returns thanks to the social network of 14 minutes to read

Jigsaw – The strong forgotten game returns thanks to the social network of 14 minutes to read

Once considered a boring activity, the jigsaw puzzle gradually gained attention on Instagram.

“That’s what I’ve been playing for years,” who made Youtube Karen Kavett share in the video about 10 tips to play jigsaw. “Take a look at any poster or scene outside the window and think, if this was a jigsaw puzzle, how would you piece together the pieces?” The rest of the video is about real-life tips, such as sifting the pieces with a sieve to remove dirt when playing or storing the corner pieces in a zipper pocket.

Kavett Be a part of the growing number of jigsaw players on social networks. Since 2018, she has organized Karen Puzzles, a program that focuses on evaluating, giving advice and promoting jigsaw puzzles. Her account has more than 14,000 subscribers. Although this is a modest figure for famous online people, it still has a very special meaning. It proves that Kavett very familiar with Youtube – she has a DIY tutorial channel with 193,000 subscribers and appears on HGTV Handmade, a YouTube channel featuring collaborations with influential celebrities.

Millennial generation and spiritual care trends

Jigsaw puzzles are becoming increasingly popular, especially for millennials, which changes my view of them. On Instagram, hashtags like #jigsawpuzzles and #puzzlesofinstagram have over 10,000 posts. TikTok and Youtube users regularly post the process of assembling beautiful and difficult puzzles. Retailers like Madewell, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie also host jigsaw puzzles.

“We see that more millennials prefer to play jigsaw like never before,” Thomas Kaeppeler, president of Ravensburger North America, one of the largest jigsaw puzzle business brands said. Founded in 1883, the German supplier began publishing jigsaw puzzles in 1964 and has since sold over 200 million.“In particular, social media plays a part in promoting the popularity of games in this era. We see players posting the process of making and completing the game on Instagram, Youtube and Reddit, thereby building a thriving community. ”

Unsurprisingly, the small jigsaw puzzle became a personal toy after that. The millennial generation spends more time taking care of itself, largely due to the state of exhaustion. As of 2018, the self-care field is valued at $ 11 billion, surpassing everything from the mask to the Goop’s $ 66 spiritual balance. In the absence of real spiritual solutions, spending money to rest is simpler, if you have enough money to spend. Counseling with therapists is expensive and difficult to find; Boy Smell candles of about 35 US dollars and you can ask people to bring in a few days.

Of course, Instagram has helped turn “home-loving” objects into a product. A cup of hot tea and a book How to Do Nothing of Odell, a selfie with Glossier cosmetics – these factors are ironic investments to get out of the state. post-capitalist*. Jigsaw puzzles are now quite visually appealing and are shared on Instagram in a way that shows the same form of young people’s craving for caring for themselves.

* post-capitalist (late-stage capitalism): refers to the absurdities, contradictions, crises, injustices and inequalities created by modern business development.

This is happening right now when social isolation performers look for ways to manage their anxiety and make themselves feel relaxed. The 7th most searched product on Amazon on March 24 was “Jigsaw puzzles for adults,” according to Forbes. In the last 2 weeks of March, sales of Ravensburger in North America up to 370% compared to last year. Even Ellen DeGeneres posted a series of videos on Instagram about her playing the 4000-piece jigsaw puzzle while doing isolation at home.

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Take care of yourselves

The explosion thanks to aesthetics and social networks

Aesthetics derived from Instagram has shaped the appearance of modern jigsaw puzzles. This is especially true for new jigsaw puzzle companies, products that are in tune with millennials: pastel pink or highly saturated palettes and minimalistic looks. (Piecework in Los Angeles is a great example.) Replace the mounting kit of Thomas Kincades which you may have played as a kid, these new puzzles are now shared in mass on The Strategist, Bon Appétit, Elle, and Popsugar.

Piecework’s fascinating puzzle

“There are many new companies that make jigsaw puzzles that look great on Instagram,” Kavett even though she added that it was difficult to recognize because she was so absorbed in this game.“Jigsaw puzzles are my lifelong hobby.”

One of my favorite puzzle games Kavett is the gradient version, which plays a huge role in its Instagram rise. The gradient puzzle game looks very nice on Instagram and there is something that makes people drunk, creating a sense of satisfaction when watching. Most popular videos of Kavett Back to assembling Cloudberries’ 1000-piece Gradient version. Despite being posted a year ago, Kavett say that views often spike. “Overall, I find people seem to enjoy it when I work on assembling difficult versions, as if there’s something quite unexpected in there,” Kavett to speak. These difficult versions include the very difficult versions of the gradient assembly and the famous Krypt version of Ravensburger, when its “image” is just a single color.

There are two versions of the gradient game that started the obsession and both appeared in 2014. Clemens Habicht’s 1000-color jigsaw is a rainbow or CMYK game version (blue, magenta, yellow and black). “Each piece is a unique color,” Jeremy Wortsman, Habicht’s co-publisher confirmed it had sold “tens of thousands” of copies. If you have a gradient jigsaw, it is probably a product from Areaware, it will have two color gradations, from one color to the other. (I have a set on my bookshelf while I am writing this article.)

Areaware’s gradient puzzle

According to Elisabeth Roeleveld, Areaware’s sales and marketing director, the company’s creative director stumbled upon the jigsaw at an art show. In 2013, Bryce Wilner launched a gradiant jigsaw puzzle set that turns from red and blue “Inspired by his twin brother.” His parents struggled to distinguish the twins and they painted their toenails in blue and red. Wilner only “sold 25 copies” at the time, according to the Roanoke Times. However, they became popular in 2018, four years after Areaware started printing and after being posted in Oprah’s favorite items list. Jigsaw puzzles are available at more than 500 retailers, including MOMA, Ban.do, and the Poketo design store. Companies like BetterCo. also sell these toys.

The success of Areaware shows a new model of the modern jigsaw puzzle business company. “Basically, all of our products are design,” Roeleveld share. “How can we elevate a jigsaw puzzle so that it is no longer in the grandmother’s cupboard but appears on your reading table?” Whatever Kavett dislikes Areaware’s gradient jigsaws like the other versions in her collection, she still keeps them because the box is so beautiful.

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Very soon we cant going to start previewing some brand-new puzzles right here on the ‘gram! We can’t give away too much yet but there might be a clue about one of them hidden in this panorama

The new jigsaw business businesses use packaging design to enhance the product experience – an exciting development for the jigsaw puzzle, with artistic images but not boring. bored. The Ravensburgers’ 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle costs about $ 20 while Jiggy’s 800-piece puzzle set is $ 48 even though it comes with a glass lens to store the pieces and glue paste of the pieces. The Inner Piece jigsaw puzzle costs $ 30 (almost the same as Areaware’s), and it comes in a zipper-shaped fabric bag with a cute button.

Jiggy’s 800 pieces come with glue and a glass box

“It is extremely difficult to talk to factories that make jigsaw puzzles in the US because we have a very detailed idea of ​​what we want to do,” Amanda Kahle, co-founder of Inner Piece. “Box shape, no plastic packaging, color back printed. Jigsaw builders have been doing that for so long and they look very traditional. ”

Like the coloring book trend of the 2010s, the voice of self-care has impacted the branding process of modern jigsaw puzzles. The appearance of the gradient jigsaw puzzle at Oprah’s 2018 favorites list with comments: “If any jigsaw can take you to nirvana, perhaps it is one of these colorful 500-piece puzzles.” Areaware describes this as “A good way to practice meditation on colors.” Inner Piece said that “It spreads quietly in a noisy world full of distractions.” Even Springbok, the oldest jigsaw puzzle brand in the US, posted an article saying: “Engaging in sorting the pieces and putting them together for 20 minutes helps relieve anxiety.”

“We notice a big trend with ‘warmth’ and self-expression,” Kaeppeler Ravensburger shared. “Customers tell us that they feel at ease when performing jigsaws, thus supporting the relaxation process.” Kahle of the Inner Piece also states that their original form is “Revolves around the idea of ​​a house” and create the same cozy feeling.

Customers tell us that they feel at peace when performing jigsaw, thus supporting the relaxation process.

Jigsaw puzzles are works of female artists from around the world

Will they really help you improve your mental health?

It is difficult to find realistic research on the quality of mental health or cognitive benefits of jigsaw puzzles. I went to the doctor Susanne Jaeggi, worked at the University of California at Irvine Center on neurobiology in learning and memory. She was also quoted in Springbok’s post that, “Spending 25 minutes playing the jigsaw adds 4 IQ points,” however, she made it clear that the study in the citations had nothing to do with jigsaw puzzles. “We don’t do jigsaw-related work in the lab and I don’t know anyone who does that,” She wrote to me. Similarly, the search for jigsaw and anxiety research gives very little information.

However, this does not mean that they have no benefit. In general, focusing on jigsaw games will help us spend less time on digital screens and there is evidence that players feel a personal benefit when playing jigsaw. “We recently had a jigsaw and found this experience to be very meaningful,” doctor Stefanie Goldstein write for me. As a way to control the long-term anxiety between the corona virus pandemic, USA Today recommends playing jigsaw alongside coloring, knitting and yoga. More and more studies are focusing on free time and mental illness. Several studies show that creative, “active body activation” activities (like yoga and walking) and society can help women fight depression in other ways with positive effects. from sitting meditation.

Before corona virus appeared and set
Making new laws on social spacing, jigsaw puzzles have emerged with form
is a social activity in urban areas for many years. For example,
The Ace Hotel hosted Little Puzzle Club, a meeting about matching games
Monthly screenshot associated with Areaware. According to Amanda Dissinger, Ace staff now
event, about 30 people will work together with a jigsaw puzzle set from 50
to 1000 pieces.

“Rarely do I see people checking their phones during the two hours of the event unless they have to take a complete picture of the puzzle to post to Instagram,” Dissigner shared with me. “I enjoy it when people get along and talk to each other, thus giving them an opportunity to get away from social media.”

Hopefully long-term social change in modern trends will be able to create true friendships. Although people should not gather to play jigsaw at the moment, this trend continues on Instagram with the inherent comfort and coziness.

Author: Nicole Clark
Translator: Unique
Source: VOX

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