Jiang Yanxue actively participated in political reform activities before his death Liu Dianyi was proud of his mother-Lianhe Daily

Jiang Yanxue’s 26-year-old son Liu Dianyi said that he was proud of his mother’s active involvement in democracy and political reform activities during his lifetime.

He said that his mother died peacefully at home at 4.30 pm on Monday (20th). At the time, he and his aunt were at home. The 28-year-old brother happened to be out of bed.

He said his mother was unable to get up because of asthma last week. He described the mother as calm when she left, and her family later informed relatives and friends about the bad news about her death.

He and his father said in an interview at the Fortune Memorial on Tuesday.

Liu Dianyi, who works in Taiwan, said that he returned to China early to celebrate the Chinese New Year with his family. He originally planned to go to Taiwan after the new year, but he did not expect this to happen.

Father Liu said that in October last year, his wife was recuperating at home and had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Father Liu, who did not want to look, said that his wife was diagnosed with rectal cancer two years ago, and after the opposition party won the ruling power, it gradually stepped down to promote political reform activities and receive treatment and surgery.

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