& # 039; Jialing Motorcycle & # 039; intends to be sold for 1 yuan, take the plate, please be kind

& # 039; Jialing Motorcycle & # 039; intends to be sold for 1 yuan, take the plate, please be kind

On March 26, * ST Jialing released a major asset sale and issuance of shares to purchase assets and related party transaction plans. It plans to purchase the lithium battery industry for 760 million yuan, and at the same time sell all existing assets and liabilities mainly for motorcycles at 1 yuan .

China Jialing was reorganized in 1987 from the original state-owned Jialing Machinery Factory’s civilian product production. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1995 and was the first listed company of a Chinese motorcycle company. However, due to various reasons such as the downturn in the industry and the heavy burden of state-owned enterprises, the main business has suffered losses for many years, and it can only rely on non-recurring gains and losses such as asset disposal …

Go well,Chinese car king!!

                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.                                        'Jialing Motorcycle' is going to be sold for 1 yuan.

Jialing Events


The Jiangnan Manufacturing Administration established by the Qing government Zeng Guofan and Li Hongzhang in the Westernization Movement,Longhua Manufacturing Branch was established in Longhua Town, Shanghai in 1875.For the predecessor of Jialing.


The factory was relocated from Hunan Zhuzhou to Chongqing,It is located on the banks of the Jialing River in the northwest suburb of Chongqing.


Chongqing liberation.On December 7,The Chongqing Military Control Commission of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army takes over the plant.


June,The second name of the factory was named the State-owned Jialing Machine Factory.


In January and August,Jialing implements the national “military-military” policy,Major decisions were made on the development and production of civilian motorcycles.

2. On October 21,Jialing accepted the task of motorcycle development assigned by Sichuan Province.


January and February,Party Secretary Sun Shoupeng led a delegation to inspect Japanese motorcycle production technology.

2. On April 20,Jialing established motorcycle research institute,The development of motorcycles was officially started.

3, September 15Jialing successfully developed the first “Jialing” 50 two-stroke moped.

in 1980

On September 26,Formation of “Jialing Motorcycle Economic Union”,Embarked on a large-scale, professional, social collaborative production model of motorcycles.


1. On December 10,Jialing and Japan Honda Company signed the “JH8101 Technical Cooperation Contract”.

2. It is year.Jialing motorcycle production and sales exceeded 50,000,Become the largest production and sales company in China’s motorcycle industry.


In January and April,Jialing became a designated national motorcycle manufacturer.

2. It is year.“Jialing” CJ50 motorcycle exhibited at the Spring Canton Fair,Exported to the international market by Hong Kong merchants.It became the earliest motorcycle product in China that entered the international market.


In January and April,Jialing introduced special equipment from Japan’s Honda to build a motorcycle inspection station; it also became a motorcycle and small internal combustion engine quality supervision and inspection station in Chongqing and Sichuan.

2. On October 29,Jialing and Japan Honda Company signed the “JH8302 Technical Cooperation Contract”,Introduced 70-stroke motorcycle technology from Japan Honda.

3. In 1983,The production and sales of Jialing motorcycles exceeded 100,000.


1. On January 1,“Jialing” CJ50 motorcycle has been transformed through technology,Product quality reaches the level of similar Honda models in Japan,Adopt the “Jialing-Honda” joint trademark.

2. On January 15,Jialing and Luoyang North Motorcycle Factory signed the “CJ50-II Motorcycle Technology Transfer Agreement”.

3, September 15Jialing and Japan Honda Company signed a “equipment supply contract” for the introduction of 70-125cc motorcycle engine production lineThe introduction of 77 key equipment (sets),The contract is worth 3 billion yen.


Jialing motorcycle production and sales exceeded 200,000 units,Production and sale of motorcycles 26.440,000 vehicles.

year 1987

January 21st,Jialing introduced key technology and equipment from Japan Honda Company, and an annual production line of 600,000 (sets) 70-125CC engine was completed and put into production.

February, NovemberApproved by the State Planning Commission, the Economic Commission, and the Commission for System Reform,China Jialing Industry Co., Ltd. (Group) was formally established,And the implementation of enterprise group pilots and joint-stock pilots.

in 1989

In January and April,The JH125 motorcycle independently developed by Jialing Group passed the national technical appraisal.Began mass production.

2. On October 21,Jialing Group and Japan Honda Company signed “JH8903 Technical Cooperation Contract”,Introduced 125cc road off-road motorcycle technology from Japan Honda.

the year 1990

January and March,“Jialing” JH70 motorcycle won the “National Silver Award for Quality Products”.

February and December,The JH145 motorcycle independently developed by Jialing Group passed the national appraisal.

March and December,Jialing Group was promoted to “National Level Enterprise”.


January and March,Jialing Group invested nearly 500 million yuan in the second engine production line was completed and put into operation.

February and April,“Jialing” brand was rated as “China’s Most Valuable Brand” in 1995,Value is 25.7.2 billion yuan,Become the brand with the highest brand value in the motorcycle industry.


1,September,“Jialing” JH125 series motorcycles were rated as “Chinese Famous Brand Products”.

2. In 2001,Jialing Group’s production and sales of motorcycles once again ranked first in China’s motorcycle industry.

year 2002

1,On September 26,Jialing obtained the “CCC” certification of the Chinese motorcycle industry.Become a “CCC” certified company in the motorcycle industry.

February and December,Jialing started a 600cc large-displacement motorcycle development project.It marks the transformation of Jialing from introduction and development to joint and independent development.

3. In 2002,Jialing Group implemented the “multi-brand” strategy,Launched two new brands, Jiapeng and Dajiang.

year 2004

1,“Jialing” brand among the 500 most valuable brands in China,Brand value by 33 in 2002.The appreciation of 0.5 billion yuan was 59.200 million yuan,Ranked 89th in the country.

2. In 2004,The motorcycle industry ’s main vehicle, engine production and sales, exports and parts sales have achieved historic breakthroughs.The vehicle sales reached 1.22 million units,The highest level in history.

In 2005

1,On April 7,Jialing JH600 motorcycle, China’s first large-displacement high-end motorcycle with completely independent intellectual property rights, officially set sail.It indicates that Jialing has mastered the research and development and production technology of large-displacement high-end motorcycles in the Chinese motorcycle industry.

2,August,“Jialing” brand once again among the 500 most valuable brands in China,Brand value by 59 in 2004.200 million yuan appreciation to 61.9.6 billion yuan.

year 2006

January, January,The company started the preparations for retreating from the city to the suburbs.

2On June 8,Jialing JH600, the first displacement motorcycle independently developed in China, officially launched synchronous global reservations.

3, June 29,Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that the implementation of the “reform and relief from difficulties” has officially started.

4. On December 1,The JH600BJ three-wheeled motorcycle of Jialing Co., Ltd. passed a certain technical status confirmation review,It will be fully put into production and sales in April 2007.

Year 2008

On the morning of June 5,The signing ceremony for the overall relocation of China Jialing Group to Sheshan was held in the conference room of Sheshan County Party Committee.Gong Bing, Chairman of Jialing Group Company, and Xiang Kewen, Mayor of Sheshan County People ’s Government, signed the agreement for the overall relocation of Sheshan Group of Jialing Group on behalf of Jialing Group and Sheshan County People ’s GovernmentSo far,The relocation of China Jialing Group to Laoshan has taken a historic step.


In April,The company developed a new product, the JL70 fuel-saving king curved beam vehicle.

On November 13,The company held the final off-line ceremony of the last motorcycle in the Shuangbei factory in the workshop of the finished assembly plant.2:30 pmWith the assembly of the last JL110-7A motorcycle off the assembly line,It marked that the production line of the finished car assembly line in the company’s old factory in Shuangbei ceased.

On December 15,The motorcycle and engine assembly in Jialing Laoshan new factory area has officially reached mass production.

Is the year,“Jialing” brand value climbed to 136.7.6 billion yuan,Ranked 97th in the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list.

year 2013

September 29,JH200—8 “Street Fire 223” is officially offline.

Is the year,Jialing JH600XQ motorcycle sled won the third prize of “China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award”,It is the only award-winning project in the Chinese motorcycle industry.

Year 2014

June,For the eleventh time, Jialing was included in the list of “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands”.The brand value of Jialing in 2014 was 182.7.3 billion yuan,Brand value in 2013 176.On the basis of 5.5 billion yuan, 6.1.8 billion yuan,Increase by 3.5%.This is the eleventh consecutive year that Jialing has been selected as the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list.It is one of the few brands in China’s motorcycle industry that has won this title several times in a row.

Since 2015, the official website has not been updated.

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