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Jia Ling’s Spring Festival Gala costume is suitable for sweeping blessings! Now that she has made a mistake and is suspected of being sick, pay tribute to Zhao Lirong and get praise

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On February 11, CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Ox is being broadcast. At around 9pm, the highly anticipated Jia Ling finally took her sketch to the stage.

Jia Ling deserves to be Jia Ling, and many audiences burst into laughter when she appeared.

Even the patients just after the operation couldn’t help but gasp with “hehehe” while “hehehe”.

In addition to the intensive laughter, one detail in Jia Ling’s sketch is also well received by netizens. That is the line she added in the sketch, which was recognized by netizens as a tribute to the senior teacher Zhao Lirong of the Spring Festival Gala sketch.

The phrase “I don’t sign you must let me sign” is a classic line in Zhao Lirong and Gong Hanlin’s sketch “So Packed”. When Jia Ling said this sentence on stage, many people thought of many young “spicy chicken shreds”, which made people miss.

In addition, Zhang Xiaofei’s appearance and figure have also attracted the attention of the audience, exaggerating Xiaofei’s “too good-looking”, and even mentioned the previous evaluation of her as “too beautiful and not suitable for comedy”.

When Zhang Xiaofei stood beside Jia Ling and played Jia Ling’s daughter, her pair of long legs was really eye-catching. But in fact, Zhang Xiaofei is only three years younger than Jia Ling.

What’s interesting is that Jia Ling’s red sweater full of blessings looks very suitable for sweeping “Fu” and collecting five blessings. Netizens even gave her a friendly blessing and a professional blessing, which made her laugh.

However, some netizens found out that Jia Ling didn’t know why she suddenly smashed a line during the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast, and she made a mistake, and sighed: “The quality of the Spring Festival Gala is worrying.”

Some netizens believe that the Spring Festival Gala is a live broadcast, and mistakes will inevitably occur. Jia Ling’s mouth does not affect the perception, so there is no need to be so harsh.

Moreover, Jia Ling was not alone in the spring evening. In the previous show, “Little Yueyue” Yue Yunpeng also spoke twice.

Some netizens also found that Jia Ling coughed several times during the performance, it was likely that she had a cold, and she was suspected of being sick.

Even if it’s not sick, some netizens think that Jia Ling really needs to pay more attention to her health. “I have gained too much weight in the past year, and I feel that it may affect my body.” The health status worries fans.

Although Jia Ling’s figure was a little plump before, she was white and fat, and a little cute, not as bloated as she is now.

Now that her body is getting fatter, even if it is not for beauty, but for health reasons, it is very worrying.

What is your impression of Jia Ling’s sketches?


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