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Jia Ling won! “Hello Li Huanying” counterattacked and overtaken, Tang Tan 3 was driven out of the single-day box office champion

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“Hello, Li Huanying” finally counterattack and overtake!

On the fourth day of the Spring Festival file, “Tang Detective 3” was ousted from the single-day box office champion, and “Hello, Li Huanying” staged a perfect counterattack!

The number of films has risen to 34%, which is on par with “Tang Detective 3”, and the attendance rate has already surpassed “Tang Detective 3.”

With word of mouth, the dark horse of “Hello, Li Huanying” finally broke out.

The quiet counterattack of “Hello, Li Huanying” undoubtedly broke the dominance of “Tang Detective 3” in the box office and film schedule, and brought the best reputation movies to the market!

“Hello, Li Huanying” has a cat’s eye score of 9.5 points and a Douban score of 8.3 points, ranking first in the double list.

However, “Tang Detective 3” has fallen sharply, with Maoyan’s score dropping to 8.8 points and Douban’s score dropping to 5.8 points, which is already at the bottom.

Relying on the huge word-of-mouth advantage, “Hello, Li Huanying” quietly staged a counter-attack myth, and finally the attendance was the first to overtake, followed by a single-day box office counterattack to overtake.

In the end, the market still belongs to the territory of good reputation, Jia Ling won!

Throughout the two films, there is a comedy shell, but one focuses on suspense and the other focuses on family affection.

But there is a huge difference in comedy performance.

“Hello, Li Huanying” is a sketchy comedy style, more popular and down-to-earth, full of life style, which is what Jia Ling is good at, and Shen Teng is also indispensable.

“Tang Detective 3” continues the usual comedy style of the series, exaggerated and artificial, and slightly vulgar. Now the audience is obviously tired of aesthetics, and it is even more annoying.

The two comedy styles are quite different. In today’s market, it is clear that the former is more likely to be favored by the public and is more popular.

Although “Hello, Li Huanying” has some routines, such as passing through the stems and the baggage of various sketches, it is full of affection and grounding.

From the time and space difference, to the identity difference, to the mischievous jokes, there have been a lot of laughter, which can be described as constant laughter in the early stage.

But how happily you laugh, you end up with abusive heart.

Because this is where the family relationship has not changed, but from children to parents, parents to children.

Before everything, Jia Xiaoling was grateful to her mother and reciprocated her, but she didn’t expect everything she did and didn’t realize it. Instead, she was finally moved by the mother who secretly gave back.

There is no excessive rendering, but continuous accumulation until it bursts.

The final reversal, although unexpected, but reasonable, it is the parents standing behind that sacrifice and pay.

They will not express deliberately, they will not exaggerate appreciation and love, always silently, secretly sacrifice behind the back, this seems ordinary, but it is the greatest.

Jia Ling once said that she took out her heart, yes, indeed.

What Jia Ling uses the lens language to show is not the baggage of laughter, but all the ridiculous silent expressions.

The final effect was achieved, because everyone saw their parents.

Under reflection, what I did was not another Jia Xiaoling, and what my parents did was not another Li Huanying.

Li Huanying is no longer exclusive to Jia Ling, but synonymous with everyone’s mother.

From beginning to end, we laughed first, then cried, and then meditated quietly. It turns out that this is really the case.

On the other hand, the laughter in the front of “Tang Detective 3” and the sublimation in the back are obviously not inevitable. The final sublimation of the theme is slightly dull, and the comic color is not grounded, suspended and noisy.

The film that can truly empathize with the audience is naturally “Hello, Li Huanying”.

Jia Ling tells stories with true feelings, uses stage experience to make movies, learns the best of each film, and makes the boldest attempt. It is a tribute to her mother and make up for regrets, so whether it is in or out of the play, it is The same line.

In the end, “Hello, Li Huanying” counterattacked, reaping a double harvest at the box office of word of mouth, and also brought a high-quality film to the audience, achieving a win-win situation!



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