Jia Ling, Wang Junkai, what is the highest state of Luo Zhi's star chasing?

Jia Ling, Wang Junkai, what is the highest state of Luo Zhi’s star chasing?

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Have you ever chased a certain star? Have you ever liked or admired someone? The height he stands is what you have hoped for but never achieved.

Jay Chou

Many people may have had this experience: voting for a contestant on a certain talent show, hoping that he will get better and better; after watching a TV series like “Chen Qing Ling”, they want to buy a flute, eager to be like the protagonist in the show Can play a tactful tune; if I like a certain singer, I will find his song and learn it over and over again, hoping that I can sing such a beautiful song, or I can stand on such a stage like him one day sparkling.

“Chen Qing Ling” TV series

Chasing a star is to pursue what you have not yet achieved, what you expect to achieve the appearance of the star you admire.

Andy Lau is such a superstar. After he opened his personal account, the comments below included many celebrities in the circle. Jia Ling is an avid fan of Andy Lau, and once domineeringly shouted: “Everyone goes back, let the first sister out of the list!” Andy Lau also spoiled and replied: “Linger, here you are!”

Jia Ling is chasing stars and is constantly learning to get closer to the stars she likes. Now, his first self-directed and self-acted Spring Festival movie “Hello, Li Huanying” competes with idol Andy Lau’s “Crowd Crowd”.

Music queen Wang Junkai calls his idol Jay Chou. And continue to learn from him, let yourself be immersed in music. He worked with Jay Chou in 2015. “The Remaining Summer” is a group song composed by Jay Chou.

Wang Junkai and Jay Chou

Idols are the best motivation for progress. From a little boy, Wang Junkai has become a rising star in the Chinese music scene.

“Cracking Orange in Huainan” Luo Zhi likes Sheng Huainan, and he pursues him as his idol target star. Following the path he has traveled, reading the books he has read, he finally chases himself into a liberal arts master. The two were admitted to the same university, Luo Zhi finally walked to the idol and made a love story (who had a crush for 15 years).

Stills of “Cracking Orange in Huainan”

Wang Junkai said, “If there is a shortcut to dreams, this path must be called persistence.” The highest level of star chasing is to persevere, make progress, become an idol, compete with idols, and compete with idols!


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