Jia Ling breaks into the room, Hua Chenyu has no time to clean up, the bedside "items" make the director afraid to zoom in

Jia Ling breaks into the room, Hua Chenyu has no time to clean up, the bedside “items” make the director afraid to zoom in

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“Ace vs. Ace” arrived as scheduled last night. The recording method is different from the past. The director came to Jia Ling’s room early and woke her up. After that, the director gave her two room cards for her to choose. A member of the Ace Family, Jia Ling chose Huahua’s room card.

After arriving in the room, without saying anything, I walked in directly. It seems that the family relationship is really good. If I change to an unfamiliar person, I naturally dare not enter the room like this. When she came to the door, Jia Ling looked excited, looking funny and funny, and then immediately entered the room and turned on the light.

Hua Chenyu was still asleep in bed and covered her head with a quilt. Jia Ling said to Hua Chenyu very tenderly: wake up, get up, there is no angry look at all, but like a gentle patriarch At first, Hua Chenyu was wearing eye masks and earplugs, but he didn’t notice.

After Jia Ling reached out and took the things down, she realized that someone had broken into the room, but she had no time to clean up. The panoramic view of the room was captured by the camera in an instant, especially the small square box on the bedside table, which made the director afraid to zoom in.

The private life of idols is very popular. Once they have the opportunity to contact them, fans will naturally not let it go. After the panoramic photo of the room is sent out, careful netizens start a magnifying glass search. A small white box was found on his bedside table.

After this scene was filmed, the director did not dare to zoom in for an instant, and immediately switched the camera, which was the scene of Jia Ling blocking the table, but some careful netizens still caught this scene. After seeing it clearly, they realized that it turned out to be white. As for the power bank, as for why the director dare not zoom in, it is to protect the image and privacy of the artist.

When recording shows, they are all very busy. Naturally, they don’t have time to play with their mobile phones. They must be fully charged, but Hua Chenyu also has a power bank next to it, which means that he should stay up late to play with his mobile phone or record During the process, quietly took out the phone to play.

In order to prevent the fans from misunderstanding, naturally they dare not go closer. This is also the best way to protect privacy and image. It can be seen that the director team is still super heart-warming.

Hua Chenyu’s performance is still very real. After all, it’s the age of mobile phones. Everyone can’t do without mobile phones. Even celebrities are no exception. So even if Hua Chenyu plays with mobile phones a little bit, it’s normal. Phenomenon.

Everyone must recognize the key points of the show. The main thing is to look at the performance. Don’t care too much about private affairs. Supporting the work is the best support.


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