Jeff Bezos is also prepared to release 3,236 internet satellites into space - Photo 1.

Jeff Bezos is also preparing to launch 3,236 internet satellites into space

Amazon has just asked the US government for permission to launch 3,236 communication satellites on Earth's low orbit. With this move, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos seems ready to challenge SpaceX's internet satellite fleet run by Elon Musk.

Amazon submitted its plan to the US Federal Communications Commission on July 4. It is expected that the Kuiper-named satellites of Amazon will provide broadband internet connectivity to tens of millions of users and businesses that are not yet accessible.

The FCC has approved for nearly 13,000 satellites operating in Earth's low orbit. They included SpaceX's 11,943 satellites launched in May.

On Earth's low orbit (at an altitude of 180 to 20,000km), the satellites will fly around the Earth to maintain altitude and need 90 minutes to complete an orbit. When a satellite is hidden in the horizon, it will relay the signal back to the next satellite. The more satellites, the greater coverage and ensure continuity.

In its plan to submit to the FCC, Amazon said its satellite will operate at a height of 590 to 630 km.

A long-term project

Last month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shared that the Kuiper project will cost billions of dollars. This project is completely separate from the company that developed Blue Origin, also owned by Jeff Bezos.

"This is a long-term project, aimed at serving millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet.", Amazon claims. In the file, Amazon said it will provide high-speed, high-speed, broadband internet connectivity to Americans in rural and remote areas.

In addition, the Kuiper System also helps mobile operators expand wireless services. It also promises to bring high-quality mobile bandwidth connectivity for aircraft, ships and road vehicles.

According to FCC research, about 21 million Americans lack fixed broadband connections and 33 million people cannot access high-speed mobile services. Worldwide, 3.8 billion people still do not have fast and reliable broadband internet service.

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