JD.com’s 11.11 good products and electric games are gathered and C2M leads the trend

During 11.11, JD.com gathered many big names such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Thor, and Mechanical Revolution, bringing consumers a lot of C2M explosive products, including gaming consoles, gaming notebooks, gaming peripherals and other products. JD.com has formed a dominant influence in the entire e-sports market, becoming a driving force for the continued outbreak of desktop and game books, and has also promoted the optimization and upgrading of China’s e-sports industry.

It is late autumn, and in November, the annual Jingdong 11.11 Global Goods Festival has begun, and many consumers are ready to “buy, buy, buy”. As one of the main battlefields of JD.com 11.11, JD.com ’s digital gathering of Lenovo, HP, Dell, Thor, and Mechanical Revolution during 11.11 brought many C2M (reverse customization) explosives to consumers, including the latest models of electronics. For gaming consoles, gaming notebooks, professional chicken keyboards, gaming mice, gaming Bluetooth headsets, etc., whether it’s Gaming Xiaobai or a senior “gaowan”, you can find products that suit you.

From game books to hard-core desktops Jingdong C2M meets the diverse needs of players

This year ’s 11.11 outbreak coincides with the JD Cup offline finals. The offline e-sports arena is exciting and the online computer and digital venues fully reflect JD ’s attention and enthusiasm for the e-sports field. Taking the game book as an example, the recent hot-selling mechanical revolution X3 gaming game book is precisely at the moment when the proportion of large-size and high-priced game books is gradually increasing. The Jingdong C2M project team and the mechanical revolution company started from user needs to develop cooperatively. A mass-market gaming notebook.

Different from the traditional 17.3-inch gaming notebook, this product is not only “priced at less than ten thousand, more powerful”, but also uses ultra-narrow bezel technology, inlaid with a 17.3-inch large screen in the 15.6-inch notebook body, that is, It guarantees a smooth and comfortable visual experience for players, and is easy to carry. Once sold, it will become explosive. On the day of the first launch, 1,000 units were sold out in 2 minutes. On the day of the 8.20 Jingdong Computer Day, the turnover exceeded 10 million in 5 minutes, which was very hot.

For enthusiast game fans or professional e-sports players, a good desktop will undoubtedly make it have a better gaming experience during the game. The Dell G5 series smart e-sports gaming desktop fully considers the user’s cooling needs. The air duct design is more reasonable. The forward air duct and the 80mm high-volume fan keep the machine cool all the time, which can give players a more stable and comfortable gaming experience. In addition to professional hardware configuration, it also carries high-end games from Dell. The exclusive AWCC intelligent control center of the brand aliens adjusts the computer operation mode with one click, which is highly sought after by gamers.

Coincidentally, this product is also the product of Jingdong C2M reverse customization. It can be said that the mechanical revolution X3 gaming laptop, Dell G5 desktop, Asus AMD gaming laptop and other products can be popular with consumers and become the gaming field. The explosion of products is the result of Jingdong’s continued deep cultivation of the C2M field.

· Continuously cultivating C2M Jingdong Computer Digital to promote the transition and upgrade of the e-sports industry

As the preferred platform for consumers to buy computer digital products, JD.com always stands with consumers. Facing the growing tide of e-sports, JD.com has been focusing on combining the reverse customization mode to create explosive high-performance desktop and game books such as “weapons”. According to data, in Q3 2019’s online market, JD.com desktops accounted for 50.5% of the total channels, occupying half of the entire Chinese PC industry desktop sales market, meaning that every two desktops sold in China One computer is from Jingdong. In the field of games, the sales volume of JD.com ’s mid-to-high-end games during this year ’s 6.18 was 576% of the same period of last year. Explosive products such as the Lenovo Savior Series and HP Shadow Elf series were frequently available.

Such amazing results have also attracted brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Acer to work together with JD.com to provide users with the most cutting-edge consumer experience with JD.com reverse customization. Nowadays, games based on the C2M model on the JD platform have accounted for up to 40%. The sales of the reverse-customized rescuer “Blade” series and the “Shadow Elf” series of cooperation with HP C2M have exceeded 1 billion. The Mechanical Revolution X3 e-sports game has been growing 100% sequentially for the past three consecutive months.

In April of this year, JD.com and ASUS launched the first AMD gaming notebook, which relied on the high-performance and cost-effective product itself and humanized design. On the day of its debut, it became the top sales category of notebooks and gaming titles. Thanks to the C2M model’s insight into users, its ability to predict the industry, and its openness to brand manufacturers, JD.com has formed a dominant influence in the entire e-sports market and has become a promoter of desktop and game books. , Has also promoted the optimization and upgrading of China’s e-sports industry.

Today, JD.com’s C2M model pioneered games and desktop products have become a popular trend among consumers. C2M reverse-customized humanized products have been widely praised by users, and also found industry breakthroughs for various manufacturers, helping them to explore new growth points for sustainable development. Right now, at the time of JD.com 11.11, I believe that a new wave of C2M consumption will be activated.


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