Laptop Random opens on 11.11, Lenovo’s turnover breaks 900 million, breaking industry record

[ad_1]’s 11.11 Lenovo desktop sales exceeded 140,000, and the 20-minute sales volume increased by 550% year-on-year

Having accumulated a year of consumer enthusiasm, the opening of JD 11.11 in 2020 will present an unstoppable shopping spree. As the main category of “chop hands”, computer digital has become a stage for many well-known brands to compete on the same stage. On the day when opened on 11.11, Lenovo notebook turnover exceeded 140,000 units throughout the day, setting a new industry record; Lenovo desktop sales exceeded last year in 20 minutes For the whole day of November 1, an increase of 550% year-on-year. and Lenovo are old friends who have supported each other for many years. As its largest sales platform in China, has once again joined hands to refresh its sales history.

Highly Collaborative Achievement Industry CP Story is Lenovo’s largest retail partner in the world. On New Year’s Day of 2020, the three-year sales target of 60 billion set by the two parties’ strategic cooperation has been successfully achieved. With Lenovo and JD’s continued escalation of cooperation and recognition of the road to joint creation, the strategic partnership has gone further. Journey.

Both parties have spared no effort in high-level interaction and strategic coordination. This year JD 618 was unveiled. Liu Jun, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of China Region, landed on JD’s live broadcast room, and had a live show with Yan Xiaobing, Senior Vice President of JD Group and President of JD Retail Group’s 3C Appliance Retail Business Group, making it the 17th JD Each store celebrated its birthday, and achieved sales of over 100 million in just 2 hours.

Customized innovation to create core product-oriented

In fact, the “friendship” between Lenovo and JD has been around for a long time. Since the strategic cooperation in 2012, the fate between Lenovo and JD has continued to deepen and become stronger over time. With the ever-changing trend of electronic consumption, both parties are also advancing with the times. Through in-depth insights into the demands of users, the use of customized super products to impact the wider market.

In 2017, Lenovo and explored the use of the C2M reverse customization model to build core products, and analyzed user portraits based on a powerful big data platform. introduced the concept of “game desktops”. Internet explosion models. The first sale was launched on May 22, and 3000 units were sold out that day. 800,000 people participated in the promotion project on WeChat, and the number of appointments exceeded 400,000. All data set the highest record for desktop products. In 2018, we made persistent efforts and launched the second generation of the blade series, which also gained an excellent reputation from users.

The success of customized innovative products also made the partners realize that this strategy fits with consumer trends. On April 2 this year, Lenovo Xiaoxin and Crayon Xiaoxin IP merged for the first time. Jingdong exclusively sold the “Crayon Xiaoxin Limited Customized Gift Box” , 31 minutes and 53 seconds after the launch, it achieved sales of over 100 million yuan. On that day, Xiaoxin Pro 13 2020 won the double crown of JD.

Explore channels together and assume the responsibility of the industry leader

In addition to product creation, Lenovo has also joined forces with JD to explore the expansion of broader channels. Based on the needs of users in the sinking market, JD and Lenovo have launched a reverse customized product for “small town youth”-Lenovo “Yi” series All-in-one desktop computer. Reaching the audience through the entire link opens up a new imagination for the expansion of sinking channels.

Not only that, Lenovo and are cooperating to help expand new users from multiple levels such as big data and logistics. In response to the strong demand for large screen sizes and large-capacity hard drives from consumers in Tier 4 to 6 cities, Lenovo and JD Computer Digital have launched one after another. Large-screen and large-capacity computers, and initiated the “Country PC Project” to better serve the needs of computer consumption in sinking areas.

Working together in the computer and digital field for many years, the tacit CP between and Lenovo has developed into a deepened multi-dimensional cooperation. Driven by the comprehensive advantages of JD’s 11.11 resources, it continues to explore more scenario-based innovations to create more for the retail industry and users. Great value.



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