JD.com 11.11 third day interpretation: Lenovo fell out of the top five Xiaomi to win

JD.com 11.11 Global Goods Festival is entering its third day. Let’s take a look at internal data to see which brands are strong.

JD.com 11.11 Global Goods Festival enters the third day. Which three products in the computer digital category have soared in these three days? I got the latest internal data to analyze and analyze with you.


First of all, look at the PC and tablet categories. From the list data, we can see that Lenovo, which was originally a sales champion of notebooks, thin and light books, and game books, was directly cut off by Xiaomi, glory and mechanical revolution. Out of the top five.

In the desktop and gaming desktop categories, Lenovo still holds the top spot, but the champion of the all-in-one category was seized by AOC. Overall, Lenovo really was Alexander during the 11.11 Global Goods Festival. Not only were they besieged by various new and emerging brands, the Bright Top, but old rivals Hewlett-Packard and Dell were also pressing hard. It seems that if you do not come up with a real gold and silver discount in the next few days, I am afraid that the results may not look good on November 11.


The competition in the photography and video category is equally fierce. Yesterday, Sony was still firmly in the throne, and today it was overtaken by Canon. The American brand Zidane in the headphone and speaker category has become a dark horse, with a small degree of strength, jbl has become the runner-up, and the championship is still dominated by BOSE.

Peripheral products have not changed much. Logitech in the keyboard and mouse category, storage brands Kingston and SanDisk still dominate the rankings, failing to have new brands successfully ranked. Zh

In terms of network equipment, although the competition is fierce, the ranking has not changed much. Judging from the list data, Pulian, Asus, and Huawei have become the key brands for consumers to buy, which is basically consistent with the daily sales data.

JD.com 11.11 Global Goods Festival has been going on for 3 days, and various preferential activities will also appear in the next 8 days. After a year of hard work, why not take advantage of the biggest wave of promotions last year to buy your favorite digital products? After all, if you miss it once, you have to wait half a year before you may encounter the “smart price” again!


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