JBL Tune 115 TWS review: true wireless headset

JBL Tune 115 TWS review: true wireless headset “rich in bass” with a soft price – VnReview

Following generations of seniors like Tune 120, 125, 220 TWS, JBL’s Tune 115 TWS true wireless headset fully inherits the strengths of sound quality, many diverse color versions, with attractive prices. leading, easy to reach the majority.

Opening the year 2021, the famous sound brand JBL has just launched to Vietnam the Tune 115 TWS true wireless in-ear headset model with the price of 1.49 million dong. This is currently a JBL Tune Series product with the lowest price currently available, aimed at those who are looking for the first wireless headphones in their life.

Familiar carrying case, simple accessories

If you have ever used JBL’s popular headset models, you will find that the Tune 115 TWS box is very familiar. It is still an elongated box model with outstanding product images printed on the front. Pure Bass (pure bass) and Zero Cable (no strings attached) are also highlighted on the case.

JBL is also very confident about the battery life of the Tune 115 TWS when announcing the numbers that the company has achieved, including a total music playing time of 21 hours, including 6 hours from headphones and 15 hours from the box. contain.

JBL Tune 115 TWS review: true wireless headset

Other useful information also appears on the side of the box such as the virtual assistant call feature, how to use the on-ear control keys when in stereo mode (full capacity 2 ears) or mono (using only one left ear or right).

The back of the box has been left a transparent part so that users can preview the design of the housing before deciding to “single bolt”.

Tune 115’s accessories are very simple, in addition to the headset and the carrying case only add 2 silicone ear cushions, USB-C cable and user manual. The good point is that the USB-C cable of this headset has a flexible Type A end, allowing it to be plugged in any direction, very convenient.

The first customers to buy the JBL Tune 115 TWS also get a stylish cross-bag in a transparent style that is popular among young people.

This bag has a spacious size with 2 compartments, enough to comfortably accommodate many personal items such as phone, headset, wallet, battery backup, charger cable, keys …

The core of the bag or strap can be removed if desired. The front of the bag is available with a small compartment containing 3 stickers in different styles for users to change according to their preferences.

Compact design, comfortable and sure to wear

Back to the JBL Tune 115 TWS, the design of this headset can be said to be as minimal as possible. On the black version, it’s almost impossible to recognize any styling highlights from the case to the ear cups. Even the JBL logo can easily disappear if you don’t pay close attention. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the Tune 115 TWS also has other color versions with much more prominent color schemes such as red-black or blue-white. Perhaps the black version is targeted at JBL “introvert” users, who do not want to stand out from the crowd.

Compared with seniors like the JBL Tune 120 or 125 TWS, the housing size of the Tune 115 is almost equivalent, but because there is no “tail” extending and protruding, this headset looks more compact. The shiny details of the previous life turn all the rough, limit fingerprints, sweat.

When worn on the ear, the Tune 115 is completely neat, almost difficult to reveal that you are wearing this headset if viewed directly. Feeling comfortable, comfortable, not hot or squashed when worn for a long time.

When trying to run, jump at high intensity, ride a motorbike (sitting in the back) with a speed of 40-50km / h and even shake his head continuously, the JBL Tune 115 TWS is still firmly on the ear. You can be completely assured to use this headset in fitness and sports activities.

The case of the Tune 115 has been completely transformed. More compact design, can be placed vertically on the table instead of lying in the inconvenience of “elder”.

The charging port has been “released” to USB-Type C instead of microUSB. The box is easy to open and close with one hand, with a magnet that holds the headset very firmly. Even when the box is tilted upside down and shaking vigorously, the ear stays still. On the box, there are 3 LED indicators of battery capacity located right in the front, convenient to observe.

Although only made of plastic, both the box and ears of the Tune 115 are well-machined, the seams are tight and seamless. Unfortunately, these headphones continue to not meet any dust and water resistance standards, so you will need to be very careful if you use them in the rain or when exercising, running out a lot of sweat.

There is no active ANC noise cancellation feature, but thanks to the in-ear design and tight, deep-in-ear design, the JBL Tune 115 TWS is still quite good at noise cancellation. In an office environment, just setting the music at about 50% volume is enough to “isolate from the world”. However, the wind resistance of this headset is quite low. When traveling at a high speed of 40-50km / s, you will hear the wind hitting your ear clearly, and now to hear the music clearly, you will have to increase the volume to about 80%.

Call quality at shoulder level, each earphone is equipped with a microphone, works best in an office environment, with less noise. If used on the street, you will need to speak a little loud to drown out background noise because this headset does not have a noise filter microphone. The “crosstalk” feature also does not appear, so when you want to hear environmental sounds clearly, you will have to remove the headset.

The good thing is that the Tune 115 is equipped with Dual Connect technology, giving you the flexibility to use each headset in mono mode when you just need to make a voice call. In this mode, the Tune 115 will have almost double the battery life.

The physical joystick is easy to remove, full of basic features

Similar to its predecessor, JBL still uses physical buttons to control the Tune 115 TWS instead of touch buttons. The buttons on this headset have better bounce, only need a gentle force to operate. Each ear will have a unique multi-function button. A single click in the left ear allows you to skip to the next track, while a double tap switches to the previous track.

With the right ear, press once to pause / play music, double-tap to call Google assistant or Siri. When a call comes in, you can use both the left or right ear to pick up the phone by pressing 1 time or decline by double tap. Pressing 1 time during a call also allows ending calls immediately.

However, the Tune 115 does not have a volume control feature right on the ear, so it is quite inconvenient when listening to music without holding the phone in hand. Also, the controls cannot customize the function.

In the popular segment, the Tune 115 TWS is not compatible with apps like My JBL. To see the battery capacity of the headset, you will have to do it manually by being familiar with the LED on the box or earbud, and going to the Bluetooth settings of the system. To adjust the EQ, you will need to use the music player.

Tune 115 TWS has been equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, providing good connectivity, nimble, rare loss of connection of a headset when listening continuously. As soon as the headset is removed from the box, the ear will automatically connect to the nearest device.

Watching movies, listening to music or playing games is completely smooth, with less delay and delay. The maximum connection distance can be up to 10 meters when there is no obstruction. Note that this headset does not support connecting 2 devices at the same time, so when listening to music on your phone but want to switch to listening on your laptop, you will need to disconnect the smartphone and pair again on the computer.

Exciting sound quality, natural bass, stable battery life

The specs of the Tune 115 TWS are almost identical to 120 TWS. JBL continues to use a 5.8mm / 0.23 “dynamic driver, a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz, an impedance of 14 ohm. The headphones or even speakers of JBL have always been strong in the bass range and with Tune 115 TWS, this continues to be promoted.

Ample bass, spread evenly from the sub bass range (sub bass) to mid-bass. Tune 115’s bass is thickened, with a tendency to slightly warm. On songs with lots of high-intensity bass like Rain On Me- Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande or Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish, Tune 115 showed strong bass. The bass range is well controlled, hit with force, without distortion, including the maximum volume, which is very suitable for exciting remix, dance, EDM tracks.

In favor of the bass, the Tune 115 still gives a smooth, thick mid sound, although not very detailed, the upper mid and low mid sections are seamless and do not feel choked like many other cheap headphones, reproducing the full voice of Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber in Stuck with U. The treb part was re-jangled by Tune 115 but not dazzling and harsh. The detail of the treb band is quite high, reproducing the melodious bamboo sound and flute in the Song Chim Troi – Ha Anh Tuan.

Thanks to the decent quality treb band, the soundstage benefits from this part. Tune 115 has a relatively airy sound space. It is hard to describe it with fancy words like a small tea room, but the musical space is enough for you to relax for hours.

In terms of battery life, the Tune 115 TWS has a built-in 55 mAh battery for each ear and 410 mAh for the carrying case. According to JBL claims, continuous music playback time is about 6 hours for headphones and another 15 hours with the carrying case, a total of 21 hours.

In fact, when used at 50% volume, I was able to listen to music continuously with the Tune 115 for about 5 and a half hours. The charging box can fully charge the headset about 2 times. This is a good level of battery life, enough to use a few days before needing a recharge. The full charge time via Type C port with 15W charger takes about 2 hours and supports 15 minutes fast charging, can listen to music for about 1 hour.

Of course, at this price range, the charging case will not support wireless charging. Besides, Tune 115 also does not have the feature to automatically stop music when removing the headset. Note that even if you are wearing headphones, if you do not listen to music for about 15 minutes, the Tune 115 will automatically turn off to save battery power. If you want to listen to music again, you need to press and hold on both sides of the headset for about 2 seconds.


True to what to expect, the JBL Tune 115 TWS is a true wireless headset with the price range of 1.5 million dong, born for young users who love vibrant, playful music. The product fully converges the essentials to create a popular true wireless headset such as many color options, ease of use, and bass quality. The advantage of the brand will be a great advantage to help Tune 115 compete with dozens of competitors in the price range.

The point that JBL can continue to improve in the next generation is adding the ability to fine-tune the volume right on the headset, allowing customizing function buttons, adding water resistance. The app support to manage battery life, tweak the EQ is also necessary, besides the active noise cancellation ANC.


+ Compact design, many colors to choose from

+ Wear comfortably, firmly, not loose even during vigorous exercise

+ Natural bass sound quality, suitable with exciting music like dance, EDM, remix

+ Good battery life

+ Clear voice quality, effective noise filter mic


– The volume on the headset is not adjusted

– There is no waterproof feature and removing the headset automatically stops music


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