Japanese submarine collided with private ship, 3 sailors injured |  World

Japanese submarine collided with private ship, 3 sailors injured | World

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Office Katsunobu Kato said the Soryu submarine collided with the private ship at almost 11 noon.

Kato said the government has set up a liaison office at the Prime Minister’s Office crisis management center to handle the news and is gathering more information.

It is unclear if anyone aboard the private ship was injured, but Kato said the ship’s captain had reported to the Coast Guard of Japan that they did not feel any contact with the submarine and No damage was found on the hull.

Deciding that Thailand wants to buy 3 Chinese submarines?

The Thai Navy said it wants to buy three Chinese attack submarines to balance the influence with the two submarines that Malaysia owns. The plan also aims to give Bangkok a higher position in future negotiations regarding the Joint Development Area (JDA) on the Gulf of Thailand.

Behind the story of Thailand delaying the purchase of 2 Chinese submarines

Thai public opinion opposes the country’s government to buy two more Chinese submarines because the government cannot properly explain why the country’s navy needs such means, as well as the validity of the agreement signed from 3 last year.

Revealing secret tunnels of Chinese submarines

China is a sea country with tens of thousands of kilometers of coastline. Compared to most other countries, they have a large number of naval bases. The PLAN, abbreviated as PLAN (People’s Liberation Navy), resisted the surprise attack by dispersing forces across multiple bases.

According to Japan Times


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