Japanese keyboard settings on Windows 7/8

Japanese keyboard settings on Windows 7/8

To type Japanese on your computer you need to know how to install a Japanese keyboard on Windows 7/8. And Google Japanese Input will assist users in this setup quite quickly and simply.

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Google Japanese Input supports the Japanese community or those who love this language to type Japanese quite well by integrating Japanese keyboard in Windows 7 or Windows 8. To know how to install Japanese keyboard you do as follows:

Instructions for installing Japanese keyboard on Windows 7/8

Step 1: Visit the Google Japanese Input homepage here. Click Accept and Install

Step 2: After downloading the file, install it, click Set Google Japanese Input as the default IME if you want to set as the default language in Windows. Then press OK

Step 3: Now on the bar Taskbar a button has appeared JP (Japanese) allows you to type in Japanese

Step 4: On the bar Taskbar Click the button as shown below and select the Japanese alphabet you want to use

– And now you can type Japanese on your computer

Above, ElectrodealPro instructed you how to install a Japanese keyboard on Windows 7/8, if you love this language and are studying it can perform the above steps to easily compose. Japanese text editor on your computer.


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