Japanese tram interrupted because of the theft of the brake arm, the dashboard and more - Photo 1.

Japanese electric trains are interrupted because of theft of brake pads, dashboards and more

In fact, Japan is the country with the lowest crime rate in the world, the country still does not lack the strange cases to the foolish.

On the dawn of the morning of May 26, the staff at Shimada Station belonged to the Tokaido Line in Shizuoka Prefecture, feeling very strange when the train door opened.

Upon entering the inspection, they discovered many things that were not winged, including the brake arm, the dashboard and all the equipment around the driver's seat.

A quick investigation was conducted, indicating that the door button and some safety devices were also taken away. More seriously, the police discovered that many power lines were cut off, bolts and screws also deliberately loosened.

Of course, the train was postponed for review and safety. The case is being handled and investigated as a robbery, intentionally destroying property.

Even if not allowed to enter the cockpit, JR train passengers can still see the intricate things inside with a window. In addition, you need to have a private key to enter.

On the internet, Japanese netizens are buzzing about this incident. Many people believe that an electric fan has deliberately hacked and stolen these devices because of his monstrous interests, not simply selling for money.

In addition, this person had to understand very well the working hours as well as turning the train operation on Shimada station. Currently the case is still being investigated and clarified.

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