Japan watched a lot of land after the land in Fukushima, image 1Many infrastructure was damaged in the earthquake. (Photo: Kyodo)

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Tokyo, on the morning of February 14, Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide had an emergency meeting with some ministers to exchange information related to the earthquake that occurred on the night of February 13 in Fukushima and direction solve the problem next time.

Speaking after the meeting, Prime Minister Suga expressed his deep sympathy for the people affected by earthquake This time, especially the families with people injured. The government is also trying to overcome consequences like landslides on highways, power-off (mainly in Fukushima prefecture).

Prime Minister Suga also emphasized that people need to continue to be vigilant and proactively respond to aftershocks that might be as strong as 6.0 degrees or higher next week. Mr. Suga also urged people to provide accurate information to local authorities or authorities to ensure rescue and rescue work.

[Ít nhất 80 người bị thương sau trận động đất tại Fukushima]

At a press conference after the earthquake, Representative of the Japan Meteorological Agency, Ms. Noriko Kamaya said that the risk of house collapse or other disasters can completely occur in areas with strong tremors, Ms. Kamaya also advised people. People are willing to take measures to ensure their own safety, limit access to dangerous areas, and be especially alert at the time of a tremor at night.

According to Japanese media, the 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of the prefecture Fukushima left some 950,000 homes out of power, but not in danger of a tsunami. The strong earthquake was felt widely across Japan, causing many aftershocks, including a aftershock of magnitude 4.7 in the capital Tokyo, causing many buildings to shake.

About 950,000 homes lost power throughout the affected area, mainly concentrated in northeastern Japan, including Fukushima prefecture and neighboring provinces. Aftershocks continued to rock the area for the next few hours and officials warned local residents to be wary. Many people have sought refuge in evacuation centers.

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