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Japan opposes the action to increase tensions in the South China Sea

The Board of Directors was forced to increase the increase in price on Bien Dong picture 1Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga. (Source:

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Tokyo, on August 27, Japan Chief Cabinet Office Yoshihide Suga said Japan is monitoring China’s recent moves in the South China Sea “with concern.

Speaking to reporters in the capital Tokyo, Mr. Suga stressed that Japan strongly opposes all actions done increased stress in the South China Sea. He also stated that “the issues of the South China Sea are directly related to the peace and stability of the region, and are a matter of legitimate concern for the international community, including Japan.

According to Kyodo news agency, Mr. Suga made the statement after it was reported that China had launched some ballistic missile into the South China Sea area the day before.

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On August 26, 2020, answering a reporter’s question about Vietnam’s response to China’s military exercises in the northeastern sea. Hoang Sa islands of Vietnam, Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang stated: The fact that China repeatedly conducted exercises in the Paracel archipelago area violated Vietnam’s sovereignty over these archipelagos. contrary to the spirit of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), which complicates the situation, is not conducive to the current negotiation process between China and ASEAN on the Code of Conduct between the parties East Sea (COC) and the maintenance of an environment of peace, stability and cooperation in the South China Sea.

Vietnam asks China to respect Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel Islands, to cancel and not to repeat similar violations./.

(VNA / Vietnam +)


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