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Japan and the UK are concerned about the situation in the South China Sea and East China Sea


Date and Officials on the images Bien Dong and Bien Hoa Dong image 1The disputed archipelago which Japan calls Senkaku. (Source: The Japan Times / TTXVN)

According to Reuters news agency, ending the online meeting on 3/2, foreign ministers and defense ministers of the two countries Japanese and English issued a joint statement expressing concern about the current situation East China Sea and East Sea, which expressed opposition to all unilateral attempts to change the status quo these seas.

The joint statement by Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and his British counterparts, Dominic Raab and Ben Wallace, reaffirms the importance of maintaining freedom of navigation and overflight. The South China Sea also calls on all parties to exercise self-restraint and refrain from activities that are likely to increase tensions.

[Nhật Bản mong muốn xây dựng quan hệ song phương ổn định với Trung Quốc]

At the meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi, the British Defense Minister expressed London’s desire to strengthen defense and security cooperation with Tokyo. He hopes to deploy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to the Indo-Pacific this year./.

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